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10 yr old pot

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jstoy69, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. So I read that thread about all the marijuana but can’t find the thread again. I signed up so I can give you feedback that I have at least 10-year-old pot it’s dry there’s no older I don’t smoke as much anymore but two hits and I’m stoned for 3 to 4 hours. When I read about the mold it made me a little bit nervous so now I will look a little better at it but I’m telling you it doesn’t matter it still works.
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  2. I got some older stuff and it works great.

    Welcome to the City.
  3. Sorry I voiced the last text and none of that came out right LOL it’s dry there is no odor no mold and still kicks my ass lol
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  4. Awesome I say why waste it
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  5. I also make edibles with it.
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  6. Yeah even months is gnarly, had 2 grams didn’t smoke it for 6 months and it was even better then before tbh. I think weed is like wine it ages good lol

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  7. I smoked some shake from a stash box that was stored away for 20 yrs. I said Fuck it and rolled a j. It was dry af. I did get a slight high and it didn't last long. But I have a high tolerance. Stored in the right conditions, you can greatly reduce the degradation over time.
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  8. Chances are it's to dry for mold. Dont worry about it.
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  9. Old weed is weed. Old weed WILL get you HAF is you eat bs - decarbs itself. I have a buddy older than me that was in VN in 70. They found some old crushed buds, dry and crumbly. They had better grass so they put it in a ammo can, placed it under a supply tarp and left it. A few months later, no weed. They smoked this old bud and he swears it was the highest he has ever been. No taste, hot and harsh....just faded.

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