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  1. 1967 - 1994

    im goin down to the Wishkah River from the 5th to the 8th, toss the bong, oz., and the guitar in the car and camp out

  2. Kurt Donald Cobain was the leader of Nirvana, the multi-platinum grunge band that redefined the sound of the nineties.

    Cobain was born on the 20th of February 1967 in Hoquaim, a small town 140 kilometers south-west of Seattle. His mother was a cocktail waitress and his father was an auto mechanic. Cobain soon moved to nearby Aberdeen, a depressed and dying logging town.

    Cobain was a happy child, always smiling, not being able to wait till the next day. But then matters were made worse when Cobain's parent's divorced when he was seven and by his own account Cobain said he never felt loved or secure again. He became increasingly difficult, anti-social and withdrawn after his parent's divorce. Cobain also said that his parent's traumatic split fueled a lot of the anguish in Nirvana's music.

    After his parent's divorce Cobain found himself shuttled back and forth between various relatives and at one stage, he says, homeless living under a bridge, but this is not true.

    When Cobain was eleven he heard and was captivated by Britain's Sex Pistols and after their self-destruction Cobain and friend Krist Novoselic continued to listen to the wave of British bands including Joy Division the nihilistic post-punk band that some say Nirvana are directly descended from in form of mood, melody and lyrical quality.

    Cobain's artistry and iconoclastic attitude didn't win many friends in high school and sometimes earned him beatings from "jocks" Cobain got even by spray painting "QUEER" on their pick-up trucks. By 1985 Aberdeen was dead and Cobain's next stop was Olympia. Cobain formed and reformed a series of bands before Nirvana came to be in 1986. Nirvana was an uneasy alliance between Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic and eventually drummer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Grohl.

    By 1988 Nirvana were playing shows and had demo tapes going around. In 1989 Nirvana recorded their rough-edged first album Bleach for local Seattle independent label Sub-Pop.

    In Britain Nirvana received a lot of recognition and in 1991 their contract was bought out by Geffen, they signed to the mega label, the first non-mainstream band to do so. Two and a half years after Nirvana's first C.D. Bleach was released they released Nevermind, a series of different, crunching, screaming songs that along with it's first single Smells Like Teen Spirit would propel Nirvana to mainstream stardom.

    Smells Like Teen Spirit became Nirvana's most highly acclaimed and instantly recognizable song. Not many people can decipher it's exact lyrics but Cobain used a seductive hook line to hook the listener. Nevermind went on to sell ten million copies and make a reported $550 million (US) leaving Nirvana overnight millionaires. Cobain was shocked at the reception of his highly personal and passionate music repeatedly telling reporters that none of the band ever, ever expected anything like this. It quickly became obvious that the obsessively sickly and sensitive 24yr old was not going to cope well with the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. "If there was a rock star 101 course, I'd really have like to take it," Cobain once observed. Cobain fell into heroin in the early 90's, he said he used it as a shield against the rigorous demands of touring and to stop the pain of stomach ulcers or an irritated bowel. Through the touring and pressure Cobain continued to write his very personal acutely focused lyrics.

    Cobain was distressed to find out that what he wrote and how it was interpreted could quite often be miles apart. He was appalled when he found out that Polly a heavily ironic anti-rape song had been sung by 2 men as they raped a young girl. He later appealed to fans on the Incesticide liner notes "If any of you don't like gays or women or blacks, please leave us the fuck alone." It was to no avail, Cobain found that as an overnight millionaire musician control was something he had very little of. Cobain also worried that his band had sold-out, that it was attracting the wrong kind of fans (i.e the type that used to beat him up).

    In February 1992 Cobain skipped off to Hawaii to marry the already pregnant Courtney Love. Later in the year Nirvana released Incesticide and in August Cobain had hospital treatment for heroin abuse. Shortly after Frances Bean Cobain was born. In early 1993 In Utero was released into the top spot on the music charts. In Utero was widely acclaimed by the music press and it contains some of Cobain's most passionate work. In Utero was a lot more open than Nirvana's previous albums. Songs like All Apologies and Heart Shaped Box detailed aspects of Cobain's sometimes shaky marriage, other songs like Scentless Apprentice detailed the agonies and struggles of Cobain's experiences.

    Nirvana embarked on a support tour and recorded and filmed an "unplugged" (acoustic) performance for MTV in November of 1993. Nirvana's choice to honor bands and people that had influenced them and Cobain's passionate and intense vocals especially on "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"silenced many of their who had labeled Cobain talentless. Rumors circulated that the MTV Unplugged compilation would be Nirvana's last album and the band were splitting up.

    Cobain was a gun fanatic and always had several in his possession or in various forms of confiscation. In the northern winter of 1993-94 Nirvana embarked on an extensive European tour. Twenty concerts into the tour Cobain developed throat problems and their schedule was interrupted while he recovered. While recovering Cobain flew to Rome to join his wife who was also preparing to tour with her own band.

    On March the 4th Cobain was rushed to hospital in a coma after what has been labeled an unsuccessful suicide bid in which he washed down about fifty prescription painkillers with champagne. It was officially called an accident and was not even made known to close friends and associates. Several days later he returned to Seattle. Cobain's wife, friends and managers convinced Cobain, who was still in deep distress to enter a detox program in L.A. According to a missing person's report filed by Courtney Love, pretending to be Wendy O'Connor Kurt's mother, Cobain fled after only a few days of the program.

    Cobain was cited in the Seattle area with a shotgun. Days later on the 5th of April Kurt Cobain went into the small room above his garage in his Seattle home and ended it all.

    Cobain's body was found when an electrician visiting the house to install a security system was walking around outside when no one answered the front door and peered through windows. He thought he saw a mannequin sprawled on the floor until he noticed a splotch of blood by Cobain's ear. When police arrived on the scene they found Cobain with a shotgun still pointed at his chin and on a nearby counter a suicide note written in red ink addressed to Love and the couples then 19 month old daughter Frances Bean.

    The suicide note ended with the words "I love you, I love you." Two days after Kurt Cobain's body was found about 5,000 people gathered in Seattle for a candlelight vigil. The distraught crowd filled the air with profane chants, burnt their flannel shirts and fought with police. They also listened to a tape made by Cobain's wife in which she read parts from his suicide note. Kurt Donald Cobain was 27.
  3. The thing is he had everything to live for.He had money,a wife,a child and an army of fans who worshipped him.He decided it was easier to give in than to take help.He was at the top and took a nosedive,thousands of people suffer in this world if they all took the easy option the morgues would be overflowing with corpses.The other thing is he spared no thought for those he left behind with the job of informing his relatives and cleaning up the bloody mess a bullet makes when someone blows their brains out.I'm sorry I just think suicide is selfish thats all.
  4. one word: Heroin.

  5. Yes. I hate it when people commit suicide. Seriously, how can anything get better if you have nothing to make better?
  6. "seriously, how can anything get better if you have nothing to make it better?"
    so your saying you can understand why some people commit suicide?cause thats why so many people do kil lthemselves, because they believe that theres nothing that they can do to make any of it better.

    on the kurt cobain part of the topic...
    Up until i First heard Nirvana (like a month after kurt died unfortunately) all i listened to was oldies. if i hadnt heard "smells like teen spirit" i wouldnt be the same person that i am now. thank you for what you gave us while you were here kurt, and damn you for what you took away.
  7. nice lil tribute hj!
  8. I feel the need to say this, don't hate me for it because i do like Nirvana but....

  9. Everyone knows what heroin does so why do these people take it in the first place?My ex took heroin and he was a real arsehole to me.I just feel for kurt's bairn having to grow up without him.I loved teenspirit when I first heard it but thought it was crap sung live.He was probably off his face on something.I just hope he is in a better place.

  10. yes, nirvana is abit overrated, and attracted alot of attension from thw rong types of people, who misunderstood their music...

    but still everytime i listen to heartshaped box, come as you are, litium, and a whole list of others, tears come to my eyes... i cant help it....

    the only thing I cant really forgive him for is that he left behind his daughter, i mean no matter how shitty life gets, if you have kids you should at least tough it out and stick around for them, but then again being married to a bitch like courtney i'd wanna kill myself too... depression and heroin dont mix too well... :(

    btw if anyone want to join me on the 5th, i'd be glad to share a bowl or two :)
  11. i love nirvana. but TEEN SPIRIT SUCKED why do people say this is such a great song. Come as you are, in bloom and many of their other songs are way better. RIP cobain.
  12. I thought they were crap live but he was out of his head most of the time so thats probably why.I do like teen spirit though but not much more.
  13. the band Nirvana itself may have been overrated, but Curt Cobain was a brilliant man all by himself.
    at least thats how I see it...

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