10 years ago today....

Discussion in 'General' started by UCF-Toker, May 25, 2006.

  1. Bradley James Nowell of Sublime fame died of heroin overdose in his hotel room in california, just days after getting married.

    I think everone on the city has heard of Sublime and many, like me, have been moved by their legendary music. I think today everyone should smoke two joints, chill with friends, and play some a few of their outstanding songs.


  2. i'll smoke two joints to that later on tonight.

    always wanted to see sublime live.
  3. Id smoke a few for him, but Im dry for today. Tomorrow ill blaze it up right

  4. I saw Badfish, they were so good, so much energy. So if you want to see Sublime I highly recomend Badfish.
  5. RIP-Great band.
  6. RIP Bradley....we lost you too soon!

    I wonder how his son is doing...Jacob, i think....probably about 10 or 11 now?

    Thanks for letting us know about the anniversary...i just switched on some 40oz!
  7. RIP MY favorite songs is Seein Red and Date Rape
  8. i never listend to sublime much... although i respect them alot.

    however something i cannot respect is people who do stupid things like this to themself with a child a wife...
  9. I was sure someone would mention it on here. It's a sad sad thing, but it is part of rock n roll, and rock n roll never die. RIP Bradley Nowell, you tought me chillin.
  10. Listening to boss dj now, RIP Bradely Nowell, your music is missed.
  11. Bradely Nowell, you will be missed. Your music has inspired and tripped out many smoke circles. +Rep for that...

    -Antwan L.
  12. dude sublime is truley on another level
  13. I don't think I'll ever count Sublime in the league of Pink Floyd and The Doors but they are definetly high up there. No one can count the number of times I've lit up with "Badfish"... "Ebbin"..."Rivers of Babylon"... or "Smoke Two Joints" playing.
  14. i think they are definetly up there with them. maybe not in popularity, but in the impact they've had on peoples lives and how amazing and varied their music is, they are wayyy up there. first 5 posts with a sublime song name and i'll post those songs for people to download
  15. RIP.

    I'll smoke two joints tonight in his honor.
  16. I'm not much of a drinker or a partier, and I certainly dont condone heroin use, but Sublime, and Bradley, changed music. I've been listening to Sublime for a long time...

    One thing I hate is how its kinda "cool" to like sublime. People tell me they are sublime fans and I ask what their favorite album was... They have no clue and start naming songs off the radio's top 10 list. What I got... Date Rape... Burritos...

    Fucking kickass band, but too many trendwhores following...

    Kinda like the internet... I remember when the net was quiet and peaceful... Now its invaded.

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