10 Year Old Girls Lung Transplant

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  1. Basically I just needed to rage I understand if this angers or upsets you but I don't care. That girl's mother is the biggest cunt in the world to me right now. I understand she did what she did as a mother but as a human being I think she is the worst. She took a system put in place by medical professional to yield to best results for both adults and children and just turned it into fuckery. It's not like they sat around wearing silly hats and then decided over a fuckin game of Yahtzee. There are years and years of medical research and statistical data put into this system. As someone in the applied mathematics with many friends who are biotechnians and immunologists I am disgusted that medical science has been turned into a shit show by some ass wipe judge and these fucktards of parents. 
    I am glad this little girl got lungs but her chances of survival are not really great even if you disregard the fact they are adult lungs she has a genetic disease and what happens if someone she bumped who has a much better survival rate now dies waiting for a transplant they would have otherwise received? What will that girl's parents tell that family? Oh and it's not like they did this for all children or even the other children in the hospital they did it only to get an exception made for their daughter and now its a free-for-all. I pray that one day that every intelligent rational human being collects on a single continent(Aussie Land it is isolated and we can adapt to the scary shit there) and leave idiots like this to die. You can tell me I am disgusting, despicable,cold, heartless I don't care at all I don't like people using the media to get the rules bent for their own selfish reasons. 
    This is another case of "we know better than experts".  Are the doctors backing this change? yes but in my opinion for the wrong reasons. We take a look at a child and immediately feel the need to help them first the thing is how do we know this policy change won't end up killing more kids and adults?  We are turning an organized system into a lottery and maybe for the right price you can buy your way to the top or convinced a doctor to get you a better spot. I am not saying you cannot get moved up the list now but it is easier to tell if someone is getting bumped up for the wrong reasons. Also frantic parents may not wait for pediatric lungs even if they are close to the top of the list and risk taking the adult lungs which are not well suited for children that young. We also have to remember there may be 12 year olds on the adult list just 2 years older than that girl that now get shoved behind these kids. 
    I really don't expect anyone to read all of this but I just needed to get that off my chest. This has had my blood boiling for days. I hope these lungs keep that girl going because if she dies it will be an even greater tragedy than it would have been if she didn't get the lungs and passed away. 

  2. I think I should probably stay out of this one :laughing:
     Shitstorm imminent!
  3. yeah never been a whole fan of "BUT THINK OF THE CHILDREEENNN!!!  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry: " notion myself...
  4. Yeah until you have one
    Mars, bitches
  6. Yeah, regardless of all the emotion and morals and whatnot......a judge should have absolutely no say over transplant priority, or over the course of medical treatment for anyone, for that matter. That's just obvious, to me. 
    The story broke in AP a couple days before it actually went before the judge, and the judge was being called out by name in all of those stories. Something tells me without all that mysteriously garnered publicity, the ruling might have gone the other way......
    That's my biggest issue I feel the decision was made because of the individuals that find something via social media and sign a petition blindly putting heavy pressure on those who make the decisions. Is that really how we want our decisions made? Through social media influence instead of highly skilled medical professionals?  
    trainunderwater, I understand that having a child might change my perspective but I also realize that my judgment would be poor and the decisions I made would be in my own interest not those of the other 1600 people on that list. It sucks I am not saying it is great but it is the best these medical professionals can do in fairness to everyone else. I think that little girl's parents should have to look those other people in the eyes and explain themselves. 
  8. So the only reason she got the lungs was because they basically caused a shit storm? She wouldnt have gotten the lungs otherwise?
  9. Link to the story?
  10. Yes. 
    Children under 12 are not allowed on the adult lung transplant list, because children under 12 don't generally fair well in lung transplants. The idea is that they should go to someone who has a better chance of surviving. Children's lungs, when donated, go directly to the children's waiting list but for adult lung donations, children are put at the bottom of the list of adults in need. There were 31 children on that list. The judge gave an order that this girl and one other boy in her hospital should be moved up on to the adult list, and be allowed to get an adult lung donation over some adults who needed lungs, but not as direly as the children did. 
  11. Every single person on that transplant list has at least one person who would probably do anything to save them.

    Transplants should be on a needed basis and then beyond that, they should be given to people with the highest likelihood of being able to survive with them.

    As a mother, I can understand wanting to save your baby girl but it should be fair for everyone.
    They usually are based on need except for this instance..I didnt even have to wait because I am young, dont drink or smoke, healthy in every other way and have a young child..they also do a lot of psychological and memory tests before and after
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    Agreed, by playing the "look at the poor cute 10 year old" card some other person now missed out on a set of lungs they deserved.  The regulations are in place for a reason, if there is a problem with the system change the system, dont take lungs from someone else because of some sob story....now imagine the shit show if she doesnt survive
    And as a result we may have a lot more dead adults AND children. Neither you or I have the technical knowledge to make this decision it should be left to experts. If you start to make a list based on moral standings you open a flood gate and turn the organ donor list into a lawyered up battle royale. This system was established to give us the best success rates for everyone and it does so objectively to avoid this kind of nonsense. 
  15. Great rant, several excellent points.
  16. Its also based a lot on how close certain dna markers match to prevent rejection..hopefully the lungs at least matched the child so she can control the rejection with medication for a long time
  17. As someone who was in a hospital for terminal children when i was young i can say that its usually undeserving kids who do stuff like this.

    There was a girl who had 2 weeks to live in my room who just enjoyed her last little while and talked with me when she had the strength. But on the other hand there was a girl who came in for a "severe cold" who just complained about everything and was just an ungrateful little bitch, along with her mom. She shouldnt have even been there, but felt she was more deserving of speedy service then me and everyone else who was worse off.

    So yes OP, i agree with everything your saying. As far as waiting lists, just wait your turn. If it becomes too late, it wasnt meant to be

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