10 white widow clones. 3 of them get cut in three weeks.

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  1. hello again blades!! it's been a while since i've posted any pics of my ladies, so here they are. the three mature ones were cloned on may 1st and flowering was induced on june 23rd. the three smaller ones were cloned on june 1st and induced flowering on july 21st. all are vegged under cfl's and flowered with 400w hps. i was using a 250w mh for vegging but that was too much heat for the small veg chamber i have. the medium is 1/3 coir, 1/3 perlite and 1/3 soil. i've also got three fem "big bang" seedlings that are just starting out so i'll get some shots of those when they look presentable. not too sure what the lineage of big bang is, but cannabean claims 17% thc if i remember right. also, bumper crops- huge harvests they claim. 8 wk flower period too, so all of that is the reason i chose it. also, i ordered some fem "cinnamon" seeds from cannabean, so those will be in the mix soon too. thanks for looking, and as usual questions, critique, suggestions and random hate mail are welcome. thanks for looking!

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  2. did u use a 250watt hps? and did u see a diffrence in your electric bill or did it ever look suspicious or anything?
  3. great work man, wondering for how long it'll take w.w to be in 12/12 untill you can harvest them? ( 6-8 weeks? ) And does they got a lot "high" in them or are they like "relax n' sleepy" strain in widows?
    keep up the god work!
  4. am also curious about the electricity thing, also those plants look short as hell even for a white widow. What up with that?
  5. sick plants man glad its snowin in the grow room for ya:smoking:

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