10 weeks? Now what?

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  1. Good afternoon in the green wide world!

    I have three well developed plants, ammnesia, confidental cheese and white widow. Plants are not finished. I flushed 2 weeks ago, and I have have been adding nothing but fresh water. Many white hairs still exist all over plants, plus i have cut light hours back to 8 hrs. I water the plants two times a day for 15 minutes. I have two large clones that need to be placed in the room. Do I turn off the lights completely, do I stop giving them water? These plants should have finished by now, what to do?

    System is ebb flow, use a 600 watt HPS bulb, RO water 10ppm, no additives to the water not even carb load, just straight RO water. Clones are currently in bubble bucket, well developed over 36 inches high. The clones will be SOG upon transplant.

    Please help...

    True Science:hello:
  2. Have you checked the trichomes? Just because it's spewing out new hairs, doesn't necessarily mean it's not finished. Some sativa strains will continue developing hairs and calyxes, even after they are ready for harvest.

    I'd personally pull them if the buds look done. Take pictures and post them.
  3. Thank you very much, did not want to chop early, looking for max yield...

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