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10 Teenagers in a room theory

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gunja Fairy, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. O.K. so here it is

    You put 10, no lets make it 50 teenagers into a room with an unlimeted amount of Alcohol your looking at a night of Violence, noise, disrespect, spew and stomach pumping

    Now lets do the same thing with 50 teenagers and a couple of ounces in a room next door your looking at a bunch of stoned monkeys - Laughing, relaxing, snoozing and possibly a bit of spew but at least when they spew they usually end up having a nap

    So what should the Government do??

    How about spend an increddible amount of time busting stoners for herbs and let them all know about how you can get high on a $2.00 can of spray paint.

    1. Why can i only smoke legally if i live in the same state as the president

    2. How can i get in trouble for smoking herbs, yet if i was getting high on paint the coppers wouldnt say shit

    3. How come the Government has ANY controll over my mind and body

    Im losing my mind.... I cant taake no more of this shit

    Help me Love GUNJA FAIRY
  2. Gunja Fairy is from Australia :)
  3. I think I'm just going to move to Canada when I graduate from college. Then mebbe I'll make the jump to Amsterdam eventually.

  4. word im canada bound too
  5. The thought of 50 teeneagers in a room makes me shiver with dread. :D
  6. I think it's because hemp is soooo useful that it would bankrupt a lot of businesses if they didn't convert to selling hemp products. Easy to grow, can be used for food, clothing, plastic. A lot of things. And you can smoke its weeds and relax.
  7. Heh. I am thinking about going to Canada too.
  8. cannabis...pain reliver with pleasant side effects.
  9. Hey! Lets all move to canada and get a hotbox, I mean apartment, together! :D
  10. yea!!!

    canada-smoke the head of yourself
  11. A room with unlimited alcohol and one with unlimited weed, huh? I would be going back and forth room to room all night long :D
  12. In my country MARIHUANA by law is illigal.
    But in reallty it half-legal. And cheap very cheap.
    My friend got busted with 15 grams of canabis and got a fine for about 200$. American police is a lot more fucked up about marihuna. Last day a was smoking a joint in Ljubljana (capitol city) walked pass a cop and he didn't even look at me!!!! So am happy to live in Slovenia.
  13. Can I join ya'll in Canada? Its so nice up there.
  14. yeah... the government sucks... I say weed should be legal way before alcohol, alc is way worse for u, not to mention makes u feel like absolout shit afterwards.
  15. "makes u feel like absolout shit" not if you drink responsibly.. like meeeee. :D I get stumbling drunk every coupla days and wake up feeling just fine the next day. you gotta chug a glass of water, then go eat a burger, then wait 30 minutes to an hour then ya can (well I can) drink like 2/3 of a fifth of liquor and still do well the next day. and drink a lil water after you're done with the liquor.

  16. It is ILLEGAL to get high off products like the ones you speak of.

  17. word homie

  18. they better have like escelators from room to room.. cause i wouldent be in any condition to walk in like 10 min... escelators with chairs on them!!!

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