10 question survey regarding reefer for Psychology paper

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    Hey blades :wave:

    I'm writing a paper for my psychology class regarding marijuana and its effects on daily life and I need YOUR help. Please fill out this super simple survey with being stoned in mind, or while actually being stoned. I'll post the informed consent and survey below.

    You are invited to participate in a study conducted by duhbrr, psychology student at MJC. You will be asked to answer a series of survey questions. Any information that is obtained in connection with this study and that can be identified with you will remain confidential and will be disclosed only with your permission. The data collected in this study will be seen only by myself and my psychology instructor, Mrs. Riggs.

    You may choose to decline participation at any point during the study.

    Psych research paper Survey

    After reading the informed consent and completing the survey, can you please post a response with just your user name (not real name, keeping this anonymous), confirmation that you're 18+, you agree to participation, and the date. (I.e. duhbrr, 19, yes, 3-22-12) Thanks blades!

  2. bump. a lot of you guys are taking the survey but not posting your consent, PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST!!!!!
  3. BUMP. c'mon guys this is for my final!
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    bump bump bump bump bump. help a fellow blade out!!!!!! +rep for those who assist!
  5. bump bump bump
  6. Awesome survey - hope your paper goes well!

    Lookin4busstop, 23, yes, 3/24/2012
  7. nutslikekngkong confirmed all up in this bitch
  8. I'm going to be used for data? Shit man.

    I'm definitely getting high for this.

    DriftingApart, 23, 3/22/12
  9. Thanks guys, you have no idea how much I'm stressing over it. Time to toke a bowl I suppose haha
  10. Pale Blue Dot, 22, 3-25-2012
  11. MoonBeams, 19, yes, 3/25/2012
  12. Spaced,


  13. Done.

    I took psychology class in high school, it was one of my favorite classes, along with logic & rhetoric. I learned a lot from both of those classes.I notice I often will use words and things I learned from those classes in every day life. Amazed I retained so much from it. I'd be interested if you posted your paper after completion...yes?
  14. Hope it goes well for you.


  15. Thanks blades, I have a rough draft due tomorrow and the actual paper is due April 24th or something along those lines. I'm going to continue bumping this thread in hopes of getting as many participants as possible, I'm also working on integrating the consent form into the survey itself so you won't have to post on here.
  16. Will you post your final paper on here for us to see it? I'd be interested!
  17. sure

  18. [quote name='"cripin210Tx"']Done.[/quote]

    I didn't know we we suppose to put age but 18 male 3/25/12
  19. Silvereagle420, 18, yes, 3-25-12

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