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10 panel drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rsad, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. sorry for new thread but wasn't getting any responses

    I have to take a 10 panel chain of custody drug test at the end of August (the 25th ish)

    I have been a daily smoker for years, stopped for about 2 months from December to February, and now I smoke about a joint a day with a couple bowl hits. I'm 6'0 175 lbs not too active (I do sweat a shit ton at work which I've heard helps clear your system)

    I've passed 5 panel DOT tests at quest with synthetic but only because I know people who have taken it and passed. Now I'm going I'm going in blind to this 10 panel at Labcorp. It is for clinical work at a hospital/nursing school. I've never had a drug test at labcorp but a friend in the program said he wasn't watched at all at the labcorp I will be going to.

    At this point it will be 40 days until my drug test, but I haven't quit smoking yet. I'm actually going to a concert this weekend and didn't really intend on quitting until the end of the week giving me about 35 days. It previously took me about 45 days to pass a home test, and I used Q Carbo detox drink to pass my 5 panel DOT. I was also recently randomed and passed with synthetic.

    Any suggestions for me? Subbing is obviously the best solution but the stakes are a tad bit higher

  2. I've had friends get jobs for nursing / hospitality and they are serious about their drug tests, may be different for Labcorp tho. If you drink lots and lots of fluids everyday and piss until your dick hurts you will be able to dilute and clean your piss to get a good amount THC out of your system. I personally wouldn't use fake piss, but that's just me because I would be way to paranoid. If you dilute your piss by drinking lots of fluids coupled with detox drinks there is a good chance you will have success with passing your test. However, you NEED to put in the work and actually drink a shit ton of fuckin fluids bro and follow through mad with the carbo. Best of luck and best regards.

    Also if you pass, celebrate and spark up. have fun at the concert!!

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  3. Thank you for a response, as I said I have used synth urine (quick fix 6.1) at quest diagnostics for a 5 panel so I guess my question more specifically is : are there any big differences between quest and labcorp and does a 10 panel make synthetic any less likely to pass thank you

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