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10 mm joint size?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Chron Burgundy, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I just recently bought a grav labs bong and it has a 10 mm joint size. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a 10 to 14mm or 10 to 18 mm, if that's even possible.
  2. 10mm? Are you sure..? It's glass on glass, right?
  3. I doubt it's 10mm. I only ever see 10mm on little tiny oil rigs. I'm willing to bet it's actually 14.

  4. That's what I was thinking. OP you might be measuring it wrong. Do you have pictures at all?
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    you probably shouldnt take that bet....

    [ame=]Grav Labs Nano Natty to 8 Arm 10mm - YouTube[/ame]

    I would imagine there is a way to get a 10mm to 18mm or 14mm adapter (Id assume that grav labs itself makes one if they are using 10mm joints), just realize its going to be larger than a 18 to 14 which is able to be flush in the joint. this one will have a joint on top of a joint which adds a bit of height.

    Look where you bought it for adapters...

    Edit: its going to be a bitch to find it looks like lol, been googling. found a thread on GD but it led to more questions lol.
  6. Wow that's so weird^ Who woulda thought 10mm lol. That's so dumb.

  7. LOL why would they do that
  8. its retarded lol, why not just stay 14. 4mm less really that necessary?!?

    all of the grav labs on aqua have 10mm joints actually, fucking weird. they are calling them "micro joints" lol
  9. serves no purpose other than adding some restriction and making it impossible to find other slides
  10. I dont even understand why blowers are starting to use 10mm di for rigs either. I can understand they want less airflow, but making the joint smaller isnt the only way. Having a 14 & 18 mm Ti should be enough, i dont need to buy a 3rd size. And the only 10mm Ti nails ive seen are so small, you have to go easy on the globs
  11. My hanshaw traveler is a 10mm and I love it. It's a skillet tho so it does a great job of tightening up the vapor.

  12. you will probably have to get it custom made and most glass blowers wont have 10mm joints on hand so expect to have an extra wait time
  13. Sounds kind of like an annoying ploy.
    *Makes 10mm bong, unlike many others.
    *Knows how hard bowls/adapters are to find.
    *Sells adapter.
  14. Grav Labs uses a 10mm micro joint to avoid their customers from buying cheap replacements from the Chinese Market or from other companies. Plus, it's a NANO tube..w/ MICRO joints. I understand the inconvenience it probably causes for a lot of collectors, but I also honestly believe it to be Grav Lab's way of standing out from the rest. Just watch, other companies will follow suit.

    if 14.4 is your standard size, I think it makes sense to have an larger and smaller version of it no?

    Change is good, but sometimes it takes a while to get used to it.
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    I have to disagree.

    China can make 10mm joints just as easily as they can make any other size. If the size gets popular enough don't think they won't make them.

    And I already have 14 and 18 joints, I don't feel a need to have a smaller size

    Like an above poster stated, I don't consider it innovating, seems more like a marketing ploy than anything
  16. It forces exclusiveness on the consumer. I'm sure they have a bunch of different 10mm slides, ash catchers, carbon filters and so on for this line of pipes that you can only get from Grav Labs. It probably seems smart to them from where they stand, but honestly to me it makes me not want to ever purchase one. The universal 14/18 has won. :smoking:

  17. I didn't say China would never make them. I said it's a smart move on Grav Labs part, because they want loyal customers. What business doesn't?
    If, for the time being, Grav Labs is the only company producing 10mm joints, then people will have to buy a replacement from Grav Labs and only Grav Labs. It would take at least 2-5 months for China to produce enough 10mm joint bowls to supply the market adequately.

    That's just your opinion. Some people don't have extra large lungs, and need something with a little less airflow. I know one person who doesn't like any of my bongs because the smoke/air moves to fast for their liking and they feel it "burns" their throat.

    Okay, maybe it is a marketing ploy. I'll agree with that. It's marketing ploy to make people buy AMERICAN GLASS. It's a marketing ploy to avoid people from buying Chinese Replicas that are half the price; but guess what, they are worth half as well. Chinese Companies turn out second rate pieces. Their workers don't spend as much time on the torch that they need to and that's why the price is less.

  18. Not saying they aren't out there, but a quick search didn't bring up any 10mm replacement pieces.

    I've encountered those people... drag isn't the way to fix that problem. They need a more diffused tube or they just need to get used to hitting bongs.

    And you don't need to tell me about chinese glass, I blow glass myself. And I agree that people should buy american made glass, but this is not the way to get people to do it.
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    Well this was informative, I had no idea they made 10mm here in the US. Also fuck the trash coming out of China, and it is trash.

    It would be tough to find 10mm to 14mm or 18mm. It would probably actually be easier to just have a glass blower do it for you, save you the time of searching forever, and get something quality.

    Edit: I skimmed too fast because I wanted to see 10mm, sorry.

  20. Right you are, I assumed that Grav Labs would readily have 10mm replacement bowls, but according to their catalogue, they dont :confused:

    Another situation in where i shoot first and ask questions last. I'm working on that hahaha Ah now I feel stupid.

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