10 Mixed seeds.. I wonder how many to germ.

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  1. First of all, thank you to everyone here that provides so much useful information.. I hope to eventually become a valuable part of this community one day as well. :)

    So I'll be starting up a small grow cab soon.. It'll be around 6'h x 3'w x 2'd..

    I'm working on putting something together on the cheap... Got a 250 HPS on the way and will use a bunch of CFL's, will also build a carbon scrubber and so on...

    I'm thinking of having a small mom/baby side split into two shelves (1'w x 2'd) and a flower chamber (2'x2' wide)...

    I've dabbled with small grows over the years and between books and the internet, have done ridiculous amounts of research.

    So I am by no means a pro, but have a good understanding and my last little grow a few years back turned out OK considering I was using a horribly old 400w MH that was given to me. (ya ya, shoulda spent the $20 on a new bulb).

    Down to my question.. I guess this probably comes down to personal preference but I thought I'd ask for some opinions..

    I got a 10 seed indoor mixed bag from Vancouver seed bank so really, I have no idea what strains I have.. haha.. I'm wondering how many I should germ.. The idea would be to germ some, veg em for a bit, sex them, and take clones of what look like the better plants or from a few plants to keep the different strains.

    I guess the other factor is speed. If I germ 3-5 and end up with a bunch of males (hope not) it's going to slow the process down and of course like all startups, the idea is to get to smoke'n my own as quick as I can so I don't gotta buy it!

    It seems like a much easier choice when I got a bunch of bagseed, now that I spent $50 I don't know what to do. I know $50 isn't a lot, but it kinda of is to me.. lol

    If I germ them all I'll surely end up with a few females of different strains, but I would hate to germ them all, have all females and not have the room for them. At the same time, once I get going, I'll be cloning so the seeds won't matter as much except for the fact that the left over seeds may be different strains to try..

    I'm sure if was smoke'n a fatty right now I'd have it aaaalllll figured out, but I'm out and my brain is runin on non-stoned mode at the moment.. haha..

    Any thoughts?!
  2. I ended up throw'n all the seeds in some paper towel.. :)
  3. That's what I use and it works everytime.
  4. I did the same, germed all 10 and I got 2 males, 5 females, and 3 no shows.
    Good luck, I thought the same way as you did and wanted to get to smoke it ASAP, but that was in may lol and I'm still waiting so patience will go a long way.
  5. Around 30 hours and 8 have popped.

    "that was in may lol and I'm still waiting so patience will go a long way. " haha, I hear ya Meatplow. I'm gonna be buying it for a while yet.. lol :)
  6. Note to self: Don't germ seeds on Arris digital phone box, or at least keep the cooling vents free..

    So my phone box just had a blinking power light and I couldn't make calls, it was kinda warm. I let it cool down and plugged it back in, same thing.. Pressed the reset button on the back and the whole inside of the thing lit up orange and started billowing smoke.

    ......ooops.... lol.. I'd call and get it replaced but.... oh yeah.. phone doesn't work... haha

    Little times like these make me wish I wasn't the 1 in a million person that doesn't own a cellphone. :p
  7. Well that went horribly.. 7 seeds actually cracked, so I put them in peat pucks, and stuck them and the other seeds on top of my laptop.. BAD IDEA.. fried them.. I have one seedling that is doing ok and a second that MIGHT make it if I'm lucky.. rest of them aren't doing anything..

    Doh.. Going to have to wait to buy more seeds or find some clones or something.. who knows, maybe the one seedling that is ok will be a girl.. :/
  8. Dammn shit happens man. At least you didnt grow them for 4 months and THEN fuck it all up.

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