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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mr Skinner, Jun 13, 2004.

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  1. And there will be some serious arse-whippin. Ye englishmen don\'t stand a chance against France!

    But I\'ll bet Germany will win overall!

    Anyone bet against?
  2. halvtime

    England 1 : 0 France
  3. Full Time

    England 1 : 2 France

    Dat fucka Zidane Scored 2 in injury time we got robbed :(

    And Beckham missed a penalty earlier that wud ov rapped it up! WANKA!!!
  4. yeah that fuckin sucked, i cant believe 2 goals in injury time

    we just gotta make sure we beat switzerland and croatia now though :D
  5. Ooooh ya. Feels good to be right.

    Now the most exiting match comes tonight:

    Netherlands - Germany

    Whoa...man. Gotta rehearse, though, so I can\'t see the match. But I\'m gonna get the scores on me mobile. So I\'m always informed.

    Hei, SJ, who\'s gonna win this?

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