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  1. OK so here's the deal.

    I'm not overweight by any means,

    but due to stress at school and home which lead to some bad eating habits lately,
    I have gained a few pounds & MUST get it off as soon as possible.

    I need toning on my upper arms, and the same on my stomach.
    Been told too many times recently that my legs are awesome,
    so those are on the backburner for now :p

    My plan is double daily workouts plus a strict salad/veggie/occasional lean meat diet
    I'm completely cutting out all alcohol + sweets and limiting my carbs...

    All of you fitness gurus out there, I need your help.

    Is this a good plan?
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    Do you usually work out? Doing two-a-days without building up to them can easily lead to overtraining. What kind of training are you thinking of doing? What is your caloric deficit going to be in order to meet your weight loss goals? What is your macronutrient composition going to be? I'm assuming high protein and low-fat/low-carb based on what you said.

    High protein is definitely a good idea, and veggies are definitely a good companion to a lot of meat, as one of the dangers of a high protein diet is colon damage, which can only happen if you eat insufficient fiber. You do need to still consume fat and carbs though. I recommend you look into the questions that I asked so you can roll out a more detailed and focused plan. Also, for fat loss, it can be advantageous to do workouts in the morning before you eat as it will encourage your body to use fat stores for those workouts.
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    no. double the time limit. get whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats every day. you don't want to burn yourself out, which can happen in even the first week if you overdo it. getting healthy is all about patience and persistence. dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle and push through the days where all you want is a a taco and some beer. getting healthy doesn't happen overnight, and the thing you must understand is getting the weight off as quickly as possible really won't be doing you any favors.

    you need to ease into it and give time to regulate your metabolism. and like russia said, if you can go for a run first thing in the morning before you eat anything, you can burn 300% more calories that way.

  4. What does that mean? And is 'caloric deficit' calories consumed? :eek:
  5. It means- what approximate proportions of protein, fat, and carbohydrates does the OP expect to consume? This can be a guesstimate, and can be done on a weekly or monthly basis to get an accurate number. So for example one could run through an average week of meals to get an idea of what sort of macronutrient ratio that comes out to. It's a pretty important set of numbers when it comes to designing a diet.

    And caloric deficit refers to the net caloric deficit produced from eating fewer calories than the body's base metabolic rate. It can also be computed on a weekly or monthly basis to give more flexibility in diet design. So within a designated time frame, caloric deficit=calories eaten-calories used. This is where the whole "a pound of fat stores 3500 calories" thing comes in. I'm not sure how accurate the number really is, but it's fairly reliable from my experience.
  6. before and after pics

  7. Calories in vs Calories out. Got it. That's easy enough that even I understand, but this:

    ...seems incredibly complicated. Are you weighing your food? :confused:

    And v. sorry Flowerchild for hijacking your thread, but I'm sure if you follow their advice you'll be back to your hot self in no time and when you are, please visit the abs thread and make a contribution. It's sorely lacking in females. :wave:

  8. Well if one wanted to be extremely nitpicky then yes they would weigh their food. There are a bunch of little visual tricks that one can use to estimate the amount of food, like the "4 ounces of meat is a deck of cards sized" trick. There are apps like Fitday that can let a person log their food, or one could use nutritiondata.com or some similar resource. What I do is think of what I eat during a typical week, add up all the carbs, proteins, and fats, and then use those figures to determine the proportions of each nutrient. Then, I tweak it according to what I'm trying to do i.e replace rice in one meal with vegetables if I want to reduce carbs.

    I didn't want to go into that much detail, but it's certainly an important factor in body recomposition. It's possible to just eat generally healthy and still see lots of improvement, but getting every variable under control can increase the likelihood of success a lot. The timing of consumption of foods of certain macronutrient compositions is also important. For example, carbs and fats consumed postworkout are less likely to be stored as fat. Sorry for the large amount of text... there is a lot that can be said about these subjects. I'll leave it to all our fitness gurus to correct me if I got anything wrong.
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    Read this.
    Why Big Caloric Deficits and Lots of Activity Can Hurt Fat Loss | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald

    Now, to figure out how much you should realistically be cutting and exercising. Harris Benedict Equation

    Take that minus 500 and you will drop 3 pounds in 3 weeks. Any quicker and you wont be losing fat, only muscle.
  10. i would do burpies 100x3 pump twice a days, cardio and it will tone your arms chest and stomach hella fast and put urself on a 1000 calorie diet, 1 cup of oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch with half a sandwhich and a light light diner
  11. Come over to my house for 3 hours a day, you'd lose 20 lbs in 10 days.

  12. I've lost 29# since late Jan. of 11. I cut out alcohol and no fast food at all. It has been kind of a hassle to be at home for meals, but that seems to work for me. Also I never eat between meals. Only working out I do is 30 ab crunches every other day and some light dumbbell work. Although I get outdoors daily and work in the yard.

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