10 hits and your legally insane???

Discussion in 'General' started by NaughtyDread, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. has anyone ever heard that before? i heard it a long time ago. if you eat 10 hits of acid, not at one time but over a course of a couple of months or years, youre clinicaly insane? boy would i hate for that statement to be true. because i dont feel insane. :)
  2. no it's not true. I read an article on erowid that stated that this was an urban legend and citied various scources disproving this claim.
  3. I could possibly be clinically insane...but like NaughtyDread, I don't feel like it. :p
  4. who cares if your insane theres insane people who are violent and arnt so not all are bad :p
  5. what happens if uve taken almost 10 at one time
    say 9 what then¿?¿

    i took 3 sugar cubes with 3 drops on each of them

    i threw up a couple times and thought the cops pulled me over even had my registration out
    whoa fuck
    driving on acid is sick
    i went to the country and parked got out and walked like 300 feet from my truck and watched a cow 4 miles away next to a tree

    holy shit that was some shit that 24 hours i fried for like 24 hours.
  6. well, what youre talking about is close to correct. the law says that if youre tripping (acid or shrooms or whatever), then at that time, you are considered legally insane, which makes sense (i know i feel pretty insane while tripping). cops can detain you if they find you tripping, since you are legally insane at that time. usually theyll release you after youre normal again, unless youve done something else illegal. as for having taken 10 hits of acid making you permanently insane, no, thats just not right, when youre done tripping, you are more or less back to your normal self, unless youve had some kind of serious life changing trip experience, in that case, i still dont think itd be considered being insane, just being a slightly different person.
  7. In the early years of non-military research into more therapeutic uses of LSD, most therapists reported patients exhibiting what they described as "psychotic behavior" while under the influence of the drug, leading to the common reference to LSD's ability to "mimic psychosis".
  8. in an insain world ....

    it is thew sane man who would appear insain....

  9. any one who takes ten hits at one time already is insane

    but you know... them old wives tales can come up and bite you on the ass. and your brain is not something you want to fuck with!

    soooooo you might not want to test this theory. lol
  10. never done acid but i could imagine how insane i'd feel.... shrooms made me wig out enough

  11. did you know they also use lsd and mescalin in expariments on catotonic pationts....

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