10 gallon fabric pots HUGE AUTOS!

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Do you think bigger is better if you have room?

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  1. Hi, I am on my first grow.
    33 plants.
    10x shiznit
    10x purple kush auto
    6x auto ultimate
    3xthink different
    3xauto cheese
    1x auto ultimate

    Under 3 platnium p600
    And 1 platnium p150


    Plants 28 days old first nutes given this week plain NOT PH water given first 3 weeks. Most in excess of 1m. Using dynagrow bloom in ff happy frog w/35% perlite. little cal mag deficient going into week 3 so I've been supplementing & ph^ing the h20 since then. Runoff is 6.5 perfect.
    Hoping for a good return for 3 AZ patients meds!

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    Each of them are placed into a 10 gallon pot?

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  3. Looks good bro, I run all my autos in 10 gal pots under 1kw.
  4. Bigger pots don't make bigger plants when it comes to an auto. All autos have a limited lifespan, so transplanting up at the right time will remove the need for a pot greater than 5g's. Seriously, it's complete waste of space, medium, and nutrients using anything more than a 5g on an auto!
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  5. I'm on my first grow as well, only one plant though :p It's an auto on day 70-something and standing at a bit over 5 feet tall. The seed bank said that its max was 2 and a half feet or something, but ever since I transplanted it from a 1 gallon pot to a 5 gallon, it grew upwards like crazy (still growing). I'm far from an expert, but I do think that the size of the pot makes a difference. I read somewhere online that the more space your roots have to grow out, the bigger the plant will get.
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  6. It's not the size of the pot that determines the harvest my friend. It has much more to do with the amount of quality lighting they get during the flower cycle and the overall health and size of the plant when it goes in. I really don't think you have near enough light to flower off 33 plants at one time, especially in pots that large. 5 gallon buckets would be plenty suitable to do what you're planning on doing and for the typical flower cycle of these plants. In the beginning, we flowered with 2 1000 watt hps lamps and did fine with those. It didn't take me long to realize, however, that I was limited as far as the number of plants I could flower under each light and have each plant get what it needs. But not overcrowding each light, we raised some nice buds. We decided to double our lights and added to more 1000 watt hps bulbs for a total of four, and it was amazing at the difference in the size of all our plants and the size and density of our buds. It's better and you can harvest more from one plant that gets everything it needs than you can by trying to flower 4 in a space only suitable for one. These lights can only realistically take care of a certain number of plants, so I would ask around and find out what the maximum number of plants you need to do under each of those 600's before I stuffed too many in there and shoot yourself in the foot. You need to get the pH taken care of on the water you use so you don't end up locking up the roots of your plants. So NO, bigger is not always better. Actually, even though it's more work with watering and feeding more often, I have been confining the amount of root space on my plants to force more foliage growth...kind of like a big bushy fern. If you've every looked inside one that was lush and beautiful, you see that it will be root bound to heck inside the pot. Hope all goes well. Happy growing! TWW
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  7. It's a hobby, not a waste of space. If I was growing for efficiency or commercial purposes I sure as fuck wouldn't be growing autos in 10 gal pots of organic soil.
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  8. Bigger pots mean you don't need to water as often and you don't need to feed the soil as much. There are pros and cons with every decision, saying bigger pots are a waste... etc, is just silly
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  9. Starting plants out in big pots will 100% stunt initial growth. The roots will do the most of the growing and you won't see much happening up top. Once the roots spread out then you'll see the actual plant sort of catch up to the root growth. They will eventually get bigger but it will take forever for them to fill out the root space. You definitely want to step it up from smaller pots of you want to get top growth moving quickly. You can have plants that are twice as big in under half the time if you step it up right. The bigger pots are going to hold a lot of water a lot longer which isn't going to be very good for the small plants. They need to be able to dry out within a couple of days after watering. This being your first grow you'll more than likely be overwatering the hell out of these things as it is anyways. I'd probably do a little more research before trying to go this big on your first grow man. 33 plants is a lot to go wrong. Good luck.

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  10. Hi guys! Thanks for the input! I definitely know that on this next run I will get more lighting but I'm sure (now that I put all my not flowering HUGE auto ultimates off to the side until they are farther into flower, God knows they don't need to be bigger) I've focused on my girls that are heavily into flower by placing taller tree structures together for more penetration. And shorter ones together for better coverage. I even put 3 in ONE pot and they are all huge. I was expecting for these to be like sticks, not huge like they are but I do believe I will get more meds w/bigger pots. I didn't have the overwatering experience @ all w seedlings but definitely bigger and healthier than any other plants I've seen. I think with a bigger veg structure they'll produce more. Hence ten gallon pots. Definitely gonna grab more lighting after this one tho. I had planned to scrog them but then didn't because of pot size and not knowing how to get to them to water when the plants tangled thru the wire...now I know use smaller pots and smaller wire sections, but...I do have HALF pots in order to compare yield for all the ones who think that it may not matter..;) very light dynagrow bloom for all the girls on full flower mode. Purple kush auto developing the fastest followed by tha shiznit every strain I have at least one 5 footer. I hope I can get some greybear type results. I've also been training some of the larger shoots TOGETHER like crossing each other in order that it makes a tighter plant bundle. Not much difference in growth rate and a lot of leaves aren't shaded by it so I just ran a little experiment w it...glad to have all your opinions! Hopefully I do well! Oh, runoff ph is PERFECT 6.2—6.8( fluctuates very little in check from runoff bi weekly and ph everything going in. (Now)
    First four weeks I didn't even PH the water going IN which led to magnesium def. (knew it would come but didn't want to add in a bunch of ph down in my soil for the whole grow) and now magnesium/cal is fine and everyone looks great. Thx again guys!
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  11. Oh also I've been researching/planning for literally ten years, actively everyday. It's no small deal to have legal cultivation rights in AZ and I did a hell of a lot of research (hence top of the line almost everything) just looked at everyone else's autos and the kinda looked like sticks w buds and some leaves sticking out so mine have allready surpassed expectations,now just waiting on the second phase- pumping on the buds. So yeah...only oneeeeee thing...could use some more lights for this big of a setup...but..go big or go home right, especially if it's legal w/the means to start and 10+ yrs of research, right? So- looks good now! Can't wait to swelllll up!
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  12. Hey bass,

    First time with an auto as well. I did 10 gal to try out the theory of bigger home, bigger girl. I'm at day 9 of sprout and have 4 leaves now but still now hight growth. Wondering if I should start nutes on week 2 or let them go till I see growth?

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  13. It depends on how much nutes are in the pot of soil. If it's a standard multi purpose commercial bagged soik/compost then it should have plenty of nutes until the tips of the leaves have reached out passed the rim of the pot. Shortly after this happens you can start adding small amounts of nutes

    9 day old seedlings in 10 gallon pots should not need feeding for a long time unless you're using coco or a hydro medium
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  14. The guys over at Mephisto genetics in Colorado have a farm dedicated to autos and imo they are the on cutting edge of autos at least here in America they recommend around 3 gallon pots . Their stuff is amazing.
    That being said as long as you are taking care of your patients that may be counting on you do whatever you want maybe one day I'll have a large space to play in. Right now I'm deep behind enemy lines still
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  15. Thanks goldgrower. Medium is promix bx, watering with un pH water at the moment

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  16. I don't have that brand in my country but I believe its an empty soil like peat and coco, you will have to start adding a low concentration of nutes now if I'm correct
  17. Yes that's what I was thinking as it is a pretty neutral medium. Thank you very much for the reply.

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  18. Now in a 10 gal should I water only 1 gal of feed? Mixed at 1/4 of feed schedule.

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  19. You could probably add 2, buy try 1 first and see how much run off you get. Yeah a 1/4 sounds good. Feed on every watering
  20. Thanks for the tips. Been going well I think [​IMG][​IMG]

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