10 doses of lucy en route ETA 30 mins

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by blueberrybuddy, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. i am goi8ng to pick up 10 doses of some fresh Lucy my boy just got back from seeing phish in the desert says he has some tripple dipped layed out friday fresh as hell lucy i know tripple dipped is just a term used to driver sales but who cares ive been serching for this lovely lady for months what should i do once i pick it up i dont really have anything planned
  2. grats phish shows always got the fire tabz
  3. seeing them dec 4 at madison square garden, gonna be sick!!!!!!!!
    planning on getting atleast a sheet as well as a gram of molly
  4. be careful buying a sheet at a show... soo many grimeballs selling fake blotters... thats some sierous cash to lose if u get the bunkies
  5. alright i just got back with 10 tabs ill post some pix in a sec

  6. If your gonna do this make sure he gives a sample tab of the sheet come back and get it if it works but MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE its the same sheet.
  7. [​IMG] heres the ten all together
  8. You lucky motherfucker!


    Trip hard, man.

    Trip oh so fucking hard.
  9. looks good. didnt u get some good L at phishphest 8
  10. Looks nice man, do you know if the whole sheet was polka-dotted or if there was a larger pattern?
  11. no ill ask him lol i just dropped 3 and i wasnt able to go to phish fest i wish i would have i was off today and had the money but i didnt go damn man lol too bad i cant smoke ganja cuz i get piss tested i got some spice tho so its close

    p.s ill try to keep yall updated on how its going i am chillin in my room with my room mate
  12. Have a great time man. I got about 1/2 a sheet left of some gratefull dead blotter, 5 tabs of some white on white from cali, an 8th of shrooms, and a couple ounces of dank. I plan on taking some of the acid with the mushrooms very soon, and blazing the whole time :D

    Obviously it will be a crazy night. :hippie:
  13. Good vibes man, have fun trippin!
  14. yea my bad i misread i thought u got back from phish not ur buddy, have fun tripping, i know i will, i picked up a half sheet on halloween, woulda posted pics but its just WoW so no fancy blotter haha
  15. Ya its been an hour now and i could be high but i feel fine i feel Good actually i took em at 3:38 so hopefully in the next hour ill be good and we can discuss life itself lol
  16. well good vibes man subd to hear how it goes for ya
  17. any suggestions on activities?
  18. write, draw, play an instrument, watch alice in wonderland, take a walk in the woods, ride a bike (somewhere safe, like a quiet residential area or some bike trail if you have one nearby)
  19. i wish i had alice in wonderland i have the wizard of oz and pink floyd tho
  20. ooh wizard of oz would probably be good, the pink floyd movie could be a bit scary but if you trust yourself and gauge the strength of your trip i'd say go for it. also you could just listen to all of Dark Side of the Moon, that will always be amazing on cid.

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