10 days old... Pointless..?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Metridixal, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I live in southern ontario where it freezes in late October. It's been 10 days since sprouting. Is there even a point to this or should I throw them out. I could bring a few indoors maybe.

    If it matters it's by a lake where there is no trees so it's getting mad sunlight.

    Will I even get a tiny yield? It is 6 plants. I hope they are fems.
  2. Your probly not far from me.

    youll probly get something out of it but its going to start budding right away pretty much.

    let it go and see cant hurt to try.

    Good luck with it.

  3. That makes me a little more confident. I think I'm going to yank them around the 12th of October. Does anyone know when the plants will bud for this area?
  4. if your lucky you might be able to harvest a couple hairs. ive grown plants inside 12 12 write from the start and it took most of them 3-5 weeks to really start to make buds
  5. im near london ontario and my plant has started budding already.

    should of started earlier or do a indoor grow.

    are they in pots or in the ground?
  6. They are in pots. I don't have the means to grow indoors (in college). If I put it inside under a 45 watt cfl bulb 24/7 for 2 weeks and then put it outside again would that be better, or should I leave them and hope for the best? Could I still get a couple grams?
  7. the light outside is 1000000000x times better than any light you can give it. Not to mention messing with the light cycle is gonna shock it. I'd just leave it and let it grow and hope for the best. you should still pull a yield, theres a bunch of people who grow indoors 12/12 from seed and pull great yields.
  8. alright thanks. Well , do you think somone will spot them? They are on a private beach but I'm scared of a helicopter flying over because on a beach big ass pot plants will be real visiable because there is little vegetation just sparse tall weeds bout 7 feet high.

    Also , will these small plants show sex right away since most peoples plants are flowering now in this area?
  9. bumpity bump
  10. yes, because its late in the season the plant should show its sex when its matured enough. Also, if you do some sort of lst your plants should be able to stay pretty small. Since its this late, you gotta remember your not gonna get nugs the size of your leg anymore. I put one sprout out today and dropped another seed in the garden just to give you a confidence boost :) I had room because my first plant show its sex... ball sacks everywhere :( after nearly killing it like 4 times i'm not suprised though. Good luck man, i'd put each plant near one of those 7ft weeds and hope for the best!
  11. Do you know when it will show sex? It's got 4 small leaves poking out of each side. It's about 5 - 6 inches tall with a small stem. I hope I can get a couple grams off each. You should start a little grow journal for these new ones and I'll start one too so we can compare. I moved them to a different spot that's more secure but I'm worried about pest control.
  12. bump plz answer

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