10 days after transplant!! how they look?

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  1. 10 days after sand /soil transplant was a lil harsh 2 died white spots are on 2 of them kinda the bigest idk if its polen or not well take a peek leave some advice please

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  2. bump... take a look leme knwo :/
  3. I wish upon you many females. Beautiful pictures:yay:
  4. lol thank you but idk just bagseed on st. patricks day some friends came over and bagseed from a seedy half all the seeds were in my ashtray got poured outside and watered few days later bam had lil sorouts then trnsplanted them moved them inside cop trouble.. lol but now look pretty good have a few yelllow leaves jsut the 1 light which idk if its enought added a 14w cfl 2700k spectrum but havent been able to check them today just want them to live and bud when you think i should star flowering cause im jsut realy waiting for timer but cud manually do it every 7am and 7pm any suggestions?
  5. updatee :) plzz leave feedback loll :)andd ty for looking

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  6. Nice and green.. Good and bushy.. Great work so far.. May the female weed gods look upon your grow and bless you with many bud..

    My Grow - 2 x 150w HPS Closet Grow
  7. lol thank you like there doing amazing anything goes wrong the leaves just yellow drop and new ones grow been threw so buch bs were growing on top of brics with about 4 5 inches of sand lol my babys are survivors haha hope for femms haha but any males imma just pluck im waiting for some beans! lol i want themmmmm lol at least 1 f 1 m of any good strain id be happy
  8. Your gonna need more light if ya want any sort of yield
  9. thats what i need inputt haha yeah i know got the 24w t5 and 24w cfl... umm hope... haha and im waiting on paychecks to get it all done haha but idk where to buy y adapter for the ights i want some 65w 2700k bubls in that bitch and gunna invest in a 150 or 250 or 400wat hps idk yet depends on if i can pay my phoen bill and scrape the money up :D
  10. bump bumpbumpbumpbuuuuummmmpp
  11. ........................
  12. Lookin good man, how long have they been growin for? And what kinda lights are you using?
  13. lookin good bruddah but like browntown said, youre prob gonna need more light to get a good yield, and yes...pray to the weed gods for females!!!:D
  14. think i got spidermites... and idk whatto do?.... lots of lil bugs moving in my soil and i found a couple webs on my plants... on the leaves... bad... someone chime in and help
  15. i am usuing 1 t5 and 1 24w cfl
  16. Just wondering too about the reflection of the light hood man whats that made of its like mirror finished or something i am loving that whats the info on it? Oh and great grow!! like more light wont hurt, that soil looks like it has to much manure though that might account for your leaf yellowing Imo could be wrong though.:metal:
  17. looking pretty healthy thinking i have spidermites and hopeing my arlesness doesnt kill them hoping to find a few lady bugs my next walk to work lol... idk but they lookin purrty

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  18. it is a mirror finish t5 2' 24w and a 24w cfl idk wat spetrum prolly not the right one ha..
  19. sprayed with horticulteral oil 1oz to 1 gal with some shrub feed..... how yout hink that should do and saw 2 white ovuler things on the leaes crawling.....*forgie my spelling my keyboard has alot of weed and stes under the keboad and idont wanna change everythig that doesnt hit..,[[* lol..... buttt yeahh i srayed it on the foiliage gave it 1 hr of darkness then put back light for 24. and 3 of my new sprouts have a leave splitting liek its stunted in 1 spot but keeps growing out idk if its the strain those were from same bag... but idk whats good

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