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10 day tolerancy break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ryax, May 23, 2006.

  1. Im going to take a tolerancy break for 10 days because it seems that only the most potent weed gets me a little bit stoned, i've been smoking every day for about 3 years i need a tolerancy break badly im probably going to go through bad widthdrawal.. i think im just going to stay drunk for the 10 days lol
  2. I'm going through the same thing, but its so hard ot take a break cause all of my friends smoke and when im with my friends, i see blunts and bongs and dank bud all in my face and im just like, i love you my sweet hairy buds ill never leave you! NEVER!....but yeah, im still working on taking a break sometime this month, im probably gonna stay in my room away from pot and my friends and just get it over with.
  3. stay strong man it'll be worth i was on a like 9 day tolerance break and lit up a fat blunt and got ripped like never before, it was so great to be really high again. So stay strong on your tolerance break and dont give in.
  4. i'm dry till pay day and it sucks but the only thing that keeps me going is knowing how stoned i will get off a blunt again, used to get regs and never worked great, yeah i'd be high but not "high", then i got an Oz of mids and the first blunt i smoked was like heavenly, i was playing poker with my roommates and they were like damn your fucking wasted, it was great
  5. you always need a break every once in a while. i quit for two weeks before i went to amsterdam and let me say...not smoking for 15 days + jet lag = WOW
  6. I smoked 10 blunts in one day, yesterday! :smoke:
  7. thats what it is
    yesterday i got 10 16 oz budweiser tallboys, popped a couple of pills and smoke some dust.

    i was veeted:smoking: lol

    also, i've convinced several other potheads to quit with me LOL
  8. Everyday for 3 years and this is your first tolerance break its gonna be a fun one. Try and make them sometime routine, you'll feel alot better. I know i do

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