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10 Day T-Break?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PalmPrePerson, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. #1 PalmPrePerson, Jan 21, 2014
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    Hey everyone,
    I decided it was time for a T-Break, as I was not getting very high or staying high for long.   I was up to about .4 G a day on my vape.
    Will a 10 day T-Break make a huge difference? ( Im already a week in. )  I just really miss it.  I usually do a month, but thats not gonna happen this time around. 

  2. . 4 or 4 grams?

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    I got into edibles a year or so ago and I know all about T-levels hehe  :D
    I am a regular/heavy user and I find the following effects from T-breaks after my levels have got to where yours are:
    1 day off - hmmm, the first pipe worked a little bit better....I think.....
    2 days off - yeah, well, I got stoned by my levels are gonna be back to critical by day's end
    3 days off - OK, first pipe kicked and so did the second. T-levels remain steady rather than shooting back up
    4-5 days off - Yeah, better than day 3 and I didn't have that third pipe in the morning
    6-9 days off - getting close to a full detox here. One pipe will rip my head off and my T-levels will be slow to rise
    10 or more days off - complete detox as far as tolerance goes. 1 gram will last me 2 days instead of 4 hours.
    Hope this helps  :)
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  4. fuck i have been taking an invoulntairy t break for 5 months since sept 15th, but cus im in a country where weed is religion resitriced or alcohol lets just say its a country that they warship allah the almighty lord  and im coming back this 27th and im gonna smoke a pound joint
    One toke and you'll be shitfaced!!!!
    Safe journey, mon ami  :)
  6. .4 Grams,  but .1 grams gets me like 2 bags.   This is dank stuff too. 
    Awesome. Thanks for the help!  Sounds like I will be good to go then! 
  7. I might try a 10 day T-break here when this baggy runs out (like 5 grams left maybe). Might not really do it though..tends to be what happens
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    idk it's different person to person, I just got back from a 3 week t break and while I am getting higher it's nothing like when I first started smoking and had no tolerance.
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    I know what you mean, this was suppose to be a 14 day t-break, but I had problems getting it started. 
    K.   I just hope it does some help.  I really just wanna get somewhat blown away again.  
  10. I'm gonna try taking a few months off over the summer and coming back with dabs.

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