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10 bucks a brownie?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by the hellion, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. so me and my boy dan had this crazy high idea the other day...we only smoke dank, hes from cali, im from NY, but we were thinking about getting a couple zips of reggies, put them in brownies, and sell em at 10 bucks a pop? would you do that if you were going to one of your friends places and he was like 'i got this hot fire...anddddd this brownie thatll get you fucked for like 10 bucks extra' and sell that shit like a dispensary kinda dudes can go to school and still get nice in class(cause i do all the time lol)
  2. I had the same idea but i just never got around to doing it. It would probably work just dont spend too much money on it and make sure enough people will get them. btw i think this is against the forum rules.. not sure but just a warning.
  3. good idea man-i wud definatley hit someone up for a 10 dollar brownie :smoking:
  4. i don't think that would work... you should send one to me to make sure.
  5. lmao

  6. it works if you dont eat too many brownies!
  7. I wouldn't pay 10 dollars... people sell them here at HempFest for 5. I think that's a much better price.
  8. if it's delicious and well made, and you made the butter first, then yeah sure

    near orlando btw
  9. One of my friends does that exact thing, for 10 a pop.
  10. Yes it works. I did that. Made like 4 batches of brownies from 2 ounces of mids. Sold the brownies for 5-10 bucks.

    Profit made: approx 500 (Me and my friends ate a bunch of them lol)
  11. yah i would hit tat shit up dog just hook up people tat buy like 4 or more:cool:

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