10-50-10 peters bloom

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NaughtyDread, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. good enough for flowering?
  2. that what i wanted to know also 10-50-10 looks strong compaired to what the hydro shop sold me ,,,,tiger bloom 2-8-4 ???????????? this is my first time using fert and not burning the plant up ????????????????????????
  3. well, we are about to find out, im going to use it on one plant, treat once a week 1/4 dose.
  4. yep..thats about perfect for flowering
  5. yeah man i just bought the peters super blossom it has an NPK ratio of 10-50-10 from all i learned in this site it is the correct formula.
  6. Last number should be a little bigger but ja it will work.

    The tiger bloom the store sold you would be better as that gives you
    more N & K

    Tiger Bloom
    N@20% yellowing leaves will not happen so easly and growth will be better)

    P@80% would give better Bud Development over only 50%

    K@40% would help the plant better all around compare to only 10%

    What your confused about is that your one fert says 10-50-10 which is percentages and the Tiger says 2-8-4 which only means 20-80-40.

    You need not worry as long as you follow the directions, but out of the 2, the Tiger bloom is much better as it provides a much more balanced set of nutrients.
  7. I used the Peters fert in the past and it works, but this go around I'll be using the Tiger Bloom (just switched to flower yesterday) and I expect to get better results. I think Dier is dead on. The Tiger Bloom is also "organic based" which isn't true organic but hey it sounds good anyway. ;)
  8. im gonna be using 15-30-15 for flowering ......allready got a bunch of it and im gonna use Peters 20-20-20 for veg .......i finaly got the Flower Veg Thing Down

    Thanx Spanish ......i was overlooking that ....

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