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  1. i bought some 10-15-10 fert form home depot the other day. im wondering if it would be good to use during veg. i hear that like 20-20-20 is best but will this work?
  2. it'd be better if it was 15-10-10, but use what you got if you can't get the goods. Just use it at 1/4 strength and build up.
  3. ok kool, and i should wait for like 3 weeks once its sprouted to use any ferts rite?
  4. That's affirmative.
  5. i start after the first week, 1/8 strength, and then increase it expodentially for each week after up to a maximum of 1/2 strength (ie, week 1 - none, week 2 - 1/8 strength, week 3 - 1/4 strength, week 4 - 1/3 strength and finally by week 5 i am giving em 1/2 strength)

    That has seemed to work very well for me, but make sure you are fertilizing every other watering (aka--once a week, as you should only water twice in a week)...



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