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  1. Will a 10-13-10 be good for a plant 2 weeks old?
  2. No..Do not feed your plant until it is at elast 3 weeks old then the first feeding only feed 1/2 the recomended amount. For vegging you need a higher N... N-P-K something like 10-5-5
  3. I usually never feed a plant till it asks for it....
    (any little color change on diffrent spots of the leaf is a diffrent order for food)

    Edit : I dont mean to bring in other sites than GrassCity... but i dont know if we have as good of a compilation of color changes...


    dont let it get to an extreme of killing parts of the leaf... but keep a good eye and you will know exactly what your plant wants from you...
  4. thankkss
  5. ya as soon as i noticed a nitro deficiency i ferted my plants and that worked, it was about 2-3 weeks old, which i guess is about the time to start feeding.

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