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  1. Yo GC,

    So yesterday I worked for 10 or so hours as a cashier, got off at 9pm. Called up a few friends, ended up "jack moving" a stingy dealer for an eighth, smoked a few bowls, friends dipped. 3am went to girlfriend's, rumped in bed. now posting my day yesterday and this morning. :cool:

    how was ur day?
  2. damn, the cashier is hittin licks!
  3. "hittin licks"?
  4. you siad you robbed a dealer for a slice
  5. oh is that wat it means. oops, well the fool was stingy and didnt no wat he was doing so i helped him get out of the game.

  6. lol, help him get out of the game LOL. sometimes it needs to be done, everybody and there brother thinks they can sell weed these days. i dont do that shit tho, i beleive in karma, idc if other people do tho.
  7. well I've been in my bed for 4 days now, migraine (gone after 2nd night tho), nauseous, vomiting, anxiety thru the roof, fatigue, exhaustion, disorientation... writing this post is hard as it is.

    I'm just saying... the simple things like you mentioned above... we take for granted a lot.. a normal day sounds like MORE than Heaven to me right now... dont take things for granted, because it can lead u in a rut.

    Eat healthy, Excercise daily, don't abuse marijuana on a daily basis.....
  8. fyi-there's a 'my day' area stickied in this section-great to know about your day btw
  9. You robbed a dealer? :confused: Wtf man? That's not cool at all.
  10. You mean you f#%k someone out of money. I hope you give someone the wrong amount back and come out of your check. Karma

    from the dungeon

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