1 weeks old.. Seed fell off with first leaves

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  1. Hi! So Day 5 my boyfriend removed the seed but end up taking the leaves with it.. currently it’s in a dropping state with the growth or leaves. Please help

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  2. Just watch it close and don't touch it for a few days.. and don't overwater it either. Water every 2-3 days or so. Maybe invest in a soil moisture meter.

    Good luck and welcome to GC
  3. The cotyledons are still intact but the membrane from inside the shell is still attached which is keeping the leaves closed. Mist it with water to soften the membrane and gently remove it with a toothpick.
  4. leaving plants alone to do what they’ve always done is a good idea. The seed will pop off on its own and the cotyledons will open on their own if stuck together.

  5. The seed dropped off and took the leaves with it.
  6. No.. it didn’t.. your bf took it off and ripped the leaves off. The seed will never naturally just rip the cotyledon leaves off.
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    Actually correction, that is right he did take the seed off and the leaves came with it, i was told those leaves will fall off eventually anyways on their own after the first official set of leaves grow.. but i’ll just wait to see what’ll happen the next week or so..
  9. But really i wasn’t sure if you understand what i meant when you first commented, the seed & cotyledon is completely gone & i just want to know from experienced growers if i should just throw the seedling away or just wait it out

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