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1 week old sick seedlings (pics)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MasterMendel, Jun 18, 2009.

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    The seedlings are 6 days old. I think I overwatered them initially and then added too much B-1. I know, never use anything but H2O in the beginning. I thought I had it under control, until now. I think I'm chasing another problem.

    Water: 6.0pH, zero PPM then added a small amount of Technaflora B-1 (1ml/4 litres= 20ppm).

    Light: Sunleaves Vitalume 4', T5, 54watt, Just moved back from 12" to 18" because I was thinking they might be too close. The light is on for 24hrs.

    Medium: I switched from Rockwool to Oasis cubes last night. It stressed them but saved their life. I LOVE OASIS CUBES.

    Air: Excellent air circulation and ventilation.
    Temp: Averages 78 degrees Fahrenheit
    Humidity: Averages 55%

    I consider myself a rookie grower, but I have a strong background in Botany and the sciences. I think the plant is telling me that it is being underwatered and that maybe I should add a small % of nutes (because it used up a lot of energy trying to survive the overwatering episode). But I feel this is wrong and I am very, very hesitant to use anything but my current 20ppm elixir. Why is it yellow? Could it really be nutrient deficient at only six days old (unless the stress used up its seed reserves?). It also seems to be telling me that it has heat stress, even though my temps are solid.

    I'm not sure what it is. One of these is Blueberry and the other is NL x Big Bud. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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  2. 18" is too far away
    and maybe the fert your using is burning the plant at an early stage and you cld up the temp to about 85 which might help
  3. Drop the lights. Let 'em grow. Don't give them nutes.

    All your 20 ppm exlir shit... just don't. :) I'm not dissing or nothing, but just stick to what works. Most likely it's just going to grow out of it. Let the damn thing grow. Start feeding it once its got some leaves on it.
  4. Thanks guys. I was only using 20ppm H2O because it was the best I could dilute my current water down to at the time. I need to go buy more distilled water. All things being equal, I do not think the 20ppm is causing harm to the plant. The solid levels are still much lower than just basic tap water. So what could it be? What if it used up all of its energy during the last 10 days and now is having a nutrient deficiency? I think this might be one of the problems, but I'm not sure.

    How long does it take for the plant to recover from something liek this?

    Thanks again for all of your replies. This is my second post and I would like to get more involved on the forum.
  5. I don't even use a ppm tester., but I know 20 ppm is next to nothing and isn't going to either hurt or help your plants.

    Just let 'em grow man. Don't make it so complicated. Usually the best solution to any problem that you encounter, is to just wait and see. Most of the time your plant is just going to outgrow it.
  6. Agreed, thank you. I have the plants on just water and I moved the light closer.

    Now that they have been stressed and their growth is delayed, at what point would you add nutrients?
  7. I personally start when it has 2 sets of actual leaves @ 1/4 of the recommended dosages.

    I get told that this is too early. I didn't start feeding this time for for a good 2-3 weeks of veg, and didnt even run into any deficiencies other than Mg, which was due to a low pH, not what was available to the plant.

    A lot of people say wait until it has a "5-fingered-leaf" - seems to be the consensus. I just give my plants tap-water up until then.

    I honestly dont think their growth is delayed because of a little yellowing. They're seedlings, all they're doing right now are growing roots. They take off before you know it.

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