1 week old seedlings not looking good. Need some advice

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    Hey there, so my first grows underway and the seedlings I've got going don't look as if their doing well. There a week old right now. In a coco/perlite medium, with room temps around 75f, rh about 50, 6 inches away from some 39watt cfls, and theirs a fan going to keep air circulating. As far as i can tell the soil ph about 6.5 but I don't have a proper tester, I'm just using pool test strips. Watering about once a day with ro water, when the containers are light.

    Somethings not right. there stunted, some have stems rotting, one went black and died, a few of them have cotyledon that curling down, another ones first set of leaves are burnt/yellow. If you guys have any info on something for me to try, or stop doing, I'm open for all suggestions. Just hopefuly not to get more seeds:( so if you think you can help by all means let know. Thanks :smoke:

    btw here are pictures of a few seedlings

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  2. They are too young for nutes if you are feeding them at this point.
  3. Nope, haven't given them any yet. I'm thinking that the soil might be off although I'm really not sure. Perhaps I just need to give them some more time to do their thing.
  4. This could be a few things but it seems you aren't doing anything wrong. Did you do 48 hrs darkness followed by only 8 hrs of light for their lighting cycle in the first week? Too much light could cause them to be in shock. The black stalk looks like root rot to me, honestly. If I were you I'd try to give them some kind of root stimulator and baby them.
  5. The lights have been 24/0 so that may be a problem. Is 48/8 recommended for the first week? A little late for that, but maybe cut their light hours back some, or is that likely to stress them more?
  6. I've always used 24hrs light from seed /shrug

    Yellowing tips may mean nitrogen lockout....

    What kind of soil you using?
  7. It's coco/perlite. Probably about 80/20.

    And also the curling cotyledons.. maybe a sign of over watering?
  8. I think I figured out what the problems was. I was using tetra pack milk containers for pots and light is able to shine through. I'm thinking that might be the reason for dying roots. Instead of transplanting I put ducktape around the outside which blocks all the light. I also gave them a flush incase it was nute rich soil that I've it them in. So back into my cab and we'll wait and see
  9. How often have you been watering? I had some seedlings in a seed starting mix of mostly coco coir and perlite, it held moisture quite well. Did not need to water for 4-5 days.
  10. Ive watered about every other day or when they seemed light and dry, although I did it more often when it felt dry.

    I think along with the darkened containers the flush will help because I flushed with h2o2 and a root stimulator cause i think the soil might have gone rotten.
  11. I would suggest checking out the Coco growing section.

    Coco Coir - Grasscity.com Forums
  12. Haven't spend too much time over there. I know it's recommended against adding peroxide because of the it kills good organic bacteria, but I think the seedlings have root rot and that's what I figured would be the best solution.
  13. Please help me out on this, I'm not sure what to do and I hope there's still time to turn them around. It looks like there burning up/crispying out. Anyone got advice?

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  14. Sorry, but that's too much damage too early in the life of these seedlings. I would start over, but you need to understand what happened with these so you do not repeat the same mistake(s).

    The best I can tell from your OP is that you simply over watered. Young plants like this do not need to be watered once a day, probably more like once every 3-4 days based on your temps and lighting.

    I would start some new seeds, but it is up to you if you want to try to save these. I don't think the prognosis is good but I know how it feels to lose them.
  15. so you think its a case of overwatering then... shitty mistake for me to make. I guess I'll keep trying to see if I can save them over time, but I'm not holding my breath. Thanks for the honest words brotherjericho, it might not be good news but its the truth. Now to learn and not repeat this again!
  16. I don't know if you are using anything like some of the stuff I have tried, Burpee seed starting mix. It is basically coco coir, perlite, and a small bit of organic nutes. It holds water rather well, and I did not need to water for several days for the seedlings. Compared to the other stuff I tried, Jiffy seed starting mix, it was much better at holding moisture.

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