1 Week of Smoke...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DXL, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So last week, my parents left for North Carolina(I live in Boston), and left me the house for the week. So I'm obviously pumped, and then right before they leave, my stepmom says "Here, don't go crazy" and hands me like a Quarter! So I had already prepared and picked up a Half zip, but this was the cherry on top! I can honestly say, watchin NBA Games(mostly Boston, go C's)/Adult Swim(Family Guy,Tim&Eric etc..) while smokin Peach blunt, after Peach blunt, was the most relaxin shit ever(CouchLOCK!!). So If someone else has had their house to themselves(other than yall wit your own places), lets hear how fuckin stoned you and all your friends got...
  2. at my friends house his parents were gone. So we smoked everyday like 4 times a day and we were smoking hookah while baked as fuck and watching pineapple express good times.
  3. Im 18 and still in HS, and have a buddy whos mom is deaf and for some reason he hasnt explained to us yet lives in a house all by himself.......its fantastic
  4. i'm in college, i live in a house with 3 other stoners.

    ill let your minds make the proper assessment of that situation
  5. A week tomyself every summer whem my parents go on vacation. Every year me and my friends smoke bowl after bowl, after bong, after jay this way, and a jay that way with a few bee-yas. Tis it be good.

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