1 week of 12/12 and i need an advice (Pics)

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  1. Hey guys :wave:

    I set my light to 12/12 about a week ago and i ofcourse got alot of strech witch i didnt put into my counting . 35cm from 1 week to be exact . my problem is i got only 40 cm of growroom left until i cant raise my lamp anymore so either i hope for it to stop growing verticaly or trim the top and hope it wont strech as much during the next 2 months . do you agree to this decision or is it too late to trim the top ? but there are 2 month left so i guess the plant would have time to grow big buds still . i could allso try and train it downwards .
    Tell me your oppinion thx

    maybe ill make a grow jurnal for you to follow if you are interested .

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  2. youll have plenty of room i beleave, itll grow fast till it grows buds then iot should slow down a little, generally they say they double in height, so youll end up with 70cm (theoreticly)

    leaving youwith 5cm :p
  3. the plants was 35cm when i swiched to 12/12 one week ago now they are 70cm in hight . i still got those 40 cm left maybe 45 if i tied the lamp up under the ceiling .

    Edit : It seems though the rapid growth has slowed down a bit now .
  4. Im comfused? Why cant you raise the light?
    It looks like there is lots of room?
    Id say if you dont move the light,
    your gonna have some burnt colas.
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    i must have been muddy in my description then . sorry about that .
    The plants are about 70 cm in height now . my lamp is hangin in chains from hooks in the cieling of the closet . i can raise the lamp another 40 to 50 cm . so if the plant grows another 40-50 cm its ofcorse getting burned and thats the thing i want to avoid . if anything is unclear ill try and explain

    Cork said That that the plant doubbles its height from when the first bud shows till its finnished . so if the plant is 70 cm now it will be 140 cm when its finnished and that is a problem since i have max 120 cm of grow space in the closet .
  6. just tie it down so its a little bent if it gets to tall. I have a 6ft sativa i did this to
  7. Sup people.Just joined,Got to agree wit herb I tied my main cola down with no prob,just starts to go back up over time.Since you also started 12/12 thats good for your height, I have 4ft high 4 wide crawl space and i have no problems with my plants.I wait until their 1 ft then i switch to 12/12 at the end their about 2 ft or more.
  8. yeah thx im just going to tie them down a bit :hello:

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