1 Week in flowering 70days old.

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  1. My Flowering Stage Progress..


    STRAIN: Spanish White Widow.

    DATE STARTED: 21.07.07 from SEED.

    GROWING: Indoor.

    LIGHTING: ECO-LIGHT - 125 Watt 5U, 230V 50Hz - 2700K RED SPECTRUM (WARM WHITE).

    CYCLES: 9 Weeks of Vegetation 18hrs on 6hrs off - 12 Weeks of Flowering 12hrs on 12hrs off.

    FOOD: Ionics Bloom.

    SOIL: CoCo Block.

    POT: BIG Black POT.

    84 Days Old (from seed) (ATM)
    63 Days Veg (9 weeks) Total
    21 Days Flowering (3 weeks atm)

    Grow Room Picture: - It's not professional but its working a treat atm.

    Click image for full size.

    Plant Picture: - It's a strange plant lol which i created! it's topped, trimmed, broke 2 side stems, almost broke the main stem was very lucky it healed, almost shocked it through different grow rooms too, but thats it for now. It's been growing lovely in the flower stage so all is good.

    Click image for full size

  2. didnt work for me
  3. Defo female guys what yas think sooo... far?


    New Pictures in the 1st POST!!
  4. bad pics but seems to be female because of the alternating internodes.
  5. Phone job :( sorry got nothing else but its better than nowt right?

    Its defo female and yeah lots of alternating internodes...

    I'm thinking of buying a new phone with a better cam but dunno what to get, 3MP is that alright?

    My phone cam atm is VGA ZOOM 4X but you can get good pics n bad pics.

    So has she improved from when i topped it n stripped it?

    Thanks for your imput Swa_Swa
  6. Got my new bulb replacement up and hooked.

    Here's some updated pics.. this morning 5/10/07
  7. Updates at last!!

    2 weeks into flowering, trimed some leaves back so that the buds will grow bigger n stronger. Any questions? please feel freely to ask me as im all ears tonight :D


    Btw sorry for the crap/shit pics
  8. can someone move this thread to the Grow Journals section thanks a bunch;)
  9. You might want a bigger pot for your pot :)
  10. lol its big enough;)
  11. you still might want to use a bigger pot bro. bigger the root system, bigger the buds;)
  12. if you knew anything you would know alternating nodes means maturity not female
    pistils means female pistils with white hairs on em
    not ball sacks
  13. Ive read that alternating nodes means you can start the flowering cycle. You will be able to tell female from male easily once they reach the point where the nodes start growing pistils or sacs. either way GL with this grow and keep us informed
  14. Its growing lovely atm.. thanks for the comments but im gonna stick with the pot i have, just that im at size limit already etc grow room size.

    Its defo female anyway lol i know that for sure ha ha ha :D

    Will post pics tomorrow thats if you really want to see! that is :rolleyes:
  15. New pics but bad quality going shopping for a nice digi cam 5MP or so;)

    The buds are getting nice and big now well sort of..
  16. New Digi Camera PRAKTICA DPix5200 very hard too use to get the best pics that is:D
  17. New Pics, buds are doing great and the growth keeps on comin,

    Feed plant Once every 3days but i dont water or flush it just water with nuts (Ionics)
  18. Fuck sake you all would'n think i have a 5MP digi cam tis shit!!!! i need some help on how to get the best out of my cam

    EDIT: I'm not having a go at anyone but just myself to why my digital camera wont preduce better pics.
  19. How many plants are in there, and how tall are they atm?

    Did you strip it way down, or are they very sparse of leaves? Just curious.
  20. Kind of harsh arent we?

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