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  1. Not much of a grow journal folks, to be honest its a poor excuse for an outdoor grow, but - its an outdoor grow!
    I live in Scotland, weather conditions are poor but i had 15 seeds saved up from a few months worth of bags I was saving for spring. Planted them late April early June not sure (which i soon found out was actually too early) but 3 sprouted! One died cos i put it in the conservatory cos it was really warm, but it shriveled up and died cos of the heat, and the other died cos i was too heavy handed, oops :eek:

    Not put any attention into this thing really, just stuck it in a plant-pot already full of soil and made sure it got watered now and then. Not expecting anything off it either im just curious how it goes and wanna see if its even possible to grow in Scotland, to be honest im pretty surprised with the results so far.. not sure if its male of female yet though.

    Lemme kno what you think so far?...

  2. Damn, sorry for the head-tilt guys, i thought i sorted that out?
    Baah! Nevermind..
  3. Looks really good, I imagine your growing season is pretty short. It is surprising where you can grow. Not sure what your latitude is, but some really good weed is grown in Canada. Just look for strains that finish early.

    You might also consider autos.

    Peace and good luck.
  4. Thanks man, yeah i was pretty surprised it grew so well here also, doubt i'll get much of potent yield, but even if i get something, its mine!! all mine!! :smoking:
    Im gonna keep it in mind for next spring again i think..
  5. I totally underestimated this when I read the title and intro.

    It should be sexing by now, take a look at the uppermost nodes for pre-flowers.

  6. That is pretty fair growth for very little attention. I always say, we call it weed and sometimes if you leave it alone, it will grow like a weed.

    Nice job on this. Keep it simple too.

    How much sunlight is it getting?
  7. Not sure how much light exactly, but was in the best spot in the garden, maybe about 8hrs direct sunlight? Weather hasnt been great lately though.
    Would love it to be female, still no sign yet??

  8. That should be good. I vegged mine for 4 months with only 4 hours direct sunlite ... then i cleared out some obstructions to let in more sunline after summer solstice.

    Run with it man! Nice job.
  9. Did you grow in UK?
    How much does the average plant yield roughly?
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    Did not grow in uk. I'm in usa.

    I doubt there is such a thing as an average plant. Even within my own garden with the same care and love I have 5 very unique and distinct plants started from bag seed.

    The best thing you can do is understand the roles of soil, light and water. You don't have to be a chemist, just be curious and be willing to find you own answers, then ask for help.

  11. whut up Sevs?

    Any signs of flowering yet? Based on the leaves, your plant looks more sativa. Hope the weather is holding up for u.
  12. Howz the grow coming?

    I'm interested in how yours turns out because of the huge different in our longitudes. This is such a robust plant, I think it's amazing how it seems to be able to adapt.
  13. Ive moved house and had to leave it at my mums lol. Havnt seen it in a few weeks, she says its getting pretty big though. Will get her to take some pics and will post them soon as soon as i can!

    Cheers for the interest! :D

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