1 tub RDWC setup help??

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by jj972tx, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Heyyy gc I'm a newbie looking to build my own rdwc system. I want to use one 18 gallon tub with maybe 6 net pots. Will have another 18 gallon as a reservoir/controller. I have a few questions before i start putting it together. I would appreciate any advice.
    1) is 18 gallon a good size for this setup? (would prefer to stay away from individual bucket system)
    2) what size tubing should my inlet and return line be?
    3) do i need air stones in just site or in res as well?
    4) i assume the res would be used for topping/testing/draining?
    5) will six net pots work or is that too many/not enough?

    I am doing all this in 1.75x3.5x6 ft box w/ 400w hps/ mh. Walls are lined with panda.
  2. Its 8 ft tall so there is lots of room for growing. Going with the clay pebbles I guess.
  3. 6ft tall..i was thinking hydroton
  4. Hey JJ,
    I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I'm waiting for my soil grow to get harvested and then I'm going to try the switch to hydro, and in the meantime am doing a ton of reading.

    This link is to the AskLucas page, hydroponic division and will probably help you a lot - the whole site is worth a look but this one answers a lot of size and numbers questions.

    Also, you should search "undercurrent DWC" on this site and look at OriginalPast's thread. He's made a very sweet rig that might give you some ideas.
  5. I use similar tanks and the most I can reasonably get is three plants per tank.

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