1 seed, 2 sprouts?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by blackjack, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. is this possible?
    because i planted 1 seed in a cup and i have 2 sprouts...

    are they twins???
  2. maybe one is not a reefer plant. maybe the soil you used had another seed in it. sometimes seeds can be so small you dont recognize them. id grow them up a bit and figure out what they are. it could be some crazy genetic mutation haha
  3. The two sprouts look identical and they both appear to be weed, no doubt.
    Once they both get a little bigger I'll take pictures.

    1 cup, 1 seed, 2 sprouts.
  4. 2 Sprouts 1 Cup!


  5. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:hello::hello::hello::D:D
  6. That's a KEEPER. Tommy-Twoface weed. Makes you twice as high...yeh
  7. The botanical equivalent of a double yolked egg??
  8. This happened to me as well and that's exactly what it looked like to me. Two sprouts actually popped out of the same seed.

    I think the seed housed two embryos. If I'm right I need to separate them asap so the roots don't tangle. I'll post pics soon.

  9. OOOOOOO this is like a medical tv program with conjoined twins :eek:

    i hope your good at operation so you can seperate them easily.. LOL

    sorry stoned comedy aha

  10. Haha, yeah fortunately I caught them early which made the procedure a snap.
    There were two long roots growing parallel to each other, they fell right apart.

    Both seem stable and growing. I'll have a journal up soon if anyone is as curious as me to track their progress. Here's some pics from right before the double-twinectomy. (sry for quality)


    One last thought: in the past, I've always thought it was funny when I've heard someone brag about "100% germination rates," and thought to myself, "They can't have tried that many grows from seed, not every seed is viable."
    Anyways, next time someone tries to tell me they're the shit because of their 100% germination rate, I'm going to say that out of 5 Big Bang seeds, I had a 120% germination rate :p.

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