1 sativa dom. 2 60/40 sat.Indica WW

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  1. Witch of these beuties should I take cuttlings from?!
    There are 1 sativa dominant white widow... It is mutch larger in hight! and farther away betwen the nodes... and it have extremly thin leaves... think this make me more ( party high ) I dont want that " cum look" that makes me go to sleep! I need flummy crap hoe shit... dont need to sleep anymore! should I take them in a early stage (like 50-60days flow) then or ?
    dont know what to do, 2 more are white widow, and 2 are bagseeds. 5 females total :) under 600W. I put them into flower just because I need to B8gone for awile in start of november.. so they showed sex after 1-2 days.. and have been in there for 12/12 for about 5 days now. acually I only have 60 days left now before I need to fly away.................
    So I hope they will be done by then??? Need to be cured and so on with out ME being home... IS THAT POSSIBLE TO DO = cure them for a couple of weeks ... without me being home!?!? Can I put up a faan or 2 and just let'em hang dry or what. that grasscity peops. //ClubCueCas
  2. Just remember to sell some and buy that Hooked On Phonics kit I told you about in an earlier thread haha. Your writing looks like Chinese its so bad.:D
  3. Yeah I know :) ! It's kinda of bad grammar and spelling... I'm not from the state's or neither Canada. I know it should sound funny If I came up to someone on the streets and say: Hello, witch of those good loockings girlies should I stalk too? Ous Gays togheter could seriusly make some good expresion to those chicps ..
    I have heard that this means something god for a girl to hear: [I dunked that skanky ho in my six fo' for real my nizzy] Hope she gets real horney now... :)
    ya ay yeeh even thought that I'm from other count I know how to speek english // Let's grow some weed jiihaa // ClubCueCas
  4. Im not sure I understood all of that reply but it was pretty funny haha...good luck with your grow;)
  5. So Now it's done... have taken some nice picures with paint... :)

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  6. Ok i'll have them in my vegg chamber now and hope the'll grow bigger soon. I took 4 of them and did put them in a small vegging chamber inside my closet. Did I do the cuts right on the new cuttlings or?
    Hope I did because I threw them into soil with perlite/vermeculite straight away from start..! hope that works, hope so because I dont know if its the best thing to do! Have them under my lighning ramp that contains 2 light's with 10,000 kalvin and alots of the blue spectra ;) that is some real stuff for the plants... aprox 22 dollars for each of them! Its reptile lights :) Try it out it works for real // ClubCUeCas

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