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  1. So my first large purchase from GC arrived in two pieces but where other companies would leave you on your own, GC sent out a replacement that same day!

    Since the piece was 7mm, the broken one actually glued back together really well with aquarium silicone, I thought it would last a day or so but it's been two weeks now and it's still very solid.

    So for $150 I have the bong I paid for (great btw) and another ghetto one for travel :D


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  2. nice!

    2 for the price of one.

    one more can you ask for?
  3. three for the price of zero ;)

    great pick up OP :D
  4. I gotta say, those are some sweet lookin bongs. Price is exactly what it should be in my opinion...
  5. I felt the same way... even if it's made by the most pity-inducing Chinese sweatshop worker it's still a perfect personal size 7mm beaker with a 27mm size joint, two diffusers and an ich pinch bowl for $150 :eek:
  6. hahahaha

    Spoken like a REAL American. :D

  7. oh ofcourse!

    there goes my facepalm moment.

    *headin to facepalm moment thread*
  8. the fucking truth.

    while i would love to spend my money on gc. Other companys can offer a better product that arrives intact, in an acceptable time frame. So i will go elsewhere, But i will still promote gc at any given chance due to this great forum they have provided.......;);)
  9. How do you like that bong? I'm thinking about purchasing
  10. man looks real nice, i love my 27mm idk why the thickness just makes me feel ballin lol
  11. Don't +1, +Rep.. :hello:

  12. I'm sure you could find a perc or some exotic brand name bong for the same price but I have to admit this bong has grown on me. I was a little questioning when the first one broke but even then, I could see that it really was 7mm and it glued together just fine.

    I also really like the 27mm joint on the main bong, much easier cleaning since you can fit all kinds of things in there, fingers/bottlebrush/etc.

    If you have a large lung capacity and love low drag I would suggest buying an 18mm bowl and using the large 27mm downstem alone because it's basically a small showerhead, ie. clears in less than a second with no noticable drag.

    However, I have a very large lung capacity but I actually prefer using both downstems. If you get the water level right there is only a tiny amount of added drag compared to 1 downstem but the hit is noticeably smoother, as an added bonus the inner downstem helps keeps the large one clean.

    Anyone in the market for a personal sized bong should definately check this out, ime. perc bongs will give you a smoother hit but also less taste & are more complicated/etc.

    With a personal bong you want something simple, reliable, & strong, but the cool thing about this one is that it still gives you lots of setup options since you can run any size down stem you want.

  13. I prefer to use both of the downstem at the same time also.

    The 29.2 downstem is huge and for me, its requires more lung power to smoke only out of the 29.2 downstem.

    When you add the 5 arm to the equation, it reduces the force required to pull because it gets rid of the larger volume of the 29.2 joint.

    I love this bong
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    I'm just like you. I want a bong that is sturdy and reliable. I dont need all of the fancy percs and that.
  15. Also any milk vids? I would like to see the diffusion and how fast it clears and all that. Maybe show it with the big downstem and then with both? :)
  16. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGFt8TTki8I]‪Bubbalicious‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    Unfortunately like two others in this thread my GC bong came to a sort of unfortunate end, I've ghetto-repaired it but it's still at my parents house and last time I hit it it was weird, draggy for no reason, and chemically feeling, probably because of how I managed to repair it.

    I do however have my 25% discount in my back pocket, when I can get another one I most certainly will, this bong is a treat to own, just be gentle with it, even though it's 7mm, falling in a myriad of ways can result in damage.
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    My repaired one is now for sale! :D
    It's still rock solid from the first glue job, like seriously solid, and I found a good deal on shipping ;)

    I can ship it original box and packaging, everything wrapped seperatly, for only $15 inside the US! (A 2 foot long, 4lb box :eek:)

    Now I just need a place to put it up for auction cuz ebay deleted my listing :confused_2:

    hahaha, I showed them this as protest: glass water pipe | eBay

    But seriously if someone knows a place to sell water pipes besides craigslist I would be much appreciative.

    If you're interested I'll sell it to you outright for $75 since this is GC.*
    My listing is gonna start at $25 and buy it now at $85, shoot me an offer too.*

    *will delete prices if needed, but i can never keep forum rules straight and personal water pipe prices of a broken piece is hardly competing with grasscity lol.

    So far listed on:
    Sell.com Marketplace : Repaired 7mm glass water pipe, 2' tube with beaker bottom & ice pinches for sale (26PWHH)
  18. lol epic I'm glad I subscribed to this thread, you didn't need to delete it though other people might wonder too...

    It says glasscity because that's their brand they want to go by in the glass marketplace just like grasscity is their name for anything else weed related.

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