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Discussion in 'General' started by SwiftBlaze, Sep 22, 2009.

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  3. I have to say, for all the hype, they haven't affected my internet experience much...we should turn this into an augustwest appreciation thread haha.
  4. qft

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  6. LMFAO @ the "cyber terrorists".

    Y'all ain't no fuckin terrorists. You're just a bunch of fuckin amateurs.

    If you were REAL cyber terrorists, you'd be able to get our IP's/Phone numbers WITHOUT us having to give them to you.

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


    See that? That's me laughing at you.

    Hahahahahaha... :rolleyes:

    And yeah... Go AW! Every time I go to delete a thread, I get the message saying it's already gone. You've been ninja'in me ALL night!
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  8. Thank you August West! And Thank you to all GC mods and admins!
  9. thanks for cleaning up the 4chan kiddies
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    im not too impressed with some people on here.i got a phone call today from a friend whom im going to keep unnamed(mainly because i dont want admins thinking the wrong thing:cool:) and he said he had gotten banned for something very unfair. i see the admins are working hard tho.must be annoying when your baked ...lol

    Phone call? Really? That's very interesting because you are an identical match to the person you claim got banned for no reason. In fact, after reading your "wife's" post that she made in your defense, I read all of your recent posts and you were indeed, banned for a reason...several of them. :rolleyes: *RMJL
  11. Well, considering I was majoring in MIS, I think I know a thing or 2 on the subject. A NON-Amateur hacker could acually get that information, without you giving it to them. A real hacker can find his ways through the back doors, work his way around, and get your IP address, if s/he actually knows what the fuck s/he's doing.

    The phone number is a bit harder - but again - a REAL hacker could get it, if they really wanted to.

    Take your CICS, wannabe-hacker bullshit somewhere else. None of us is impressed.

    I'll just say this. When a member gets banned, it is never "un-fairly". We have rules on this site. When you break said rules, you put yourself at risk for being banned... Not every forum takes their rules seriously, so a lot of people aren't used to actually having to follow rules. It's not like that on GC. We take the rules seriously, here.
  12. Just the fact that 1 mod is taking care of it all shows how shitty they are at spamming.

    And I doubt its 4chan.:wave:
  13. This is all stuff that can easily be done. I would infect a computer with a virus and get into the person's email. This would give me their name and possibly their address and phone number. Also, this could possibly open other doors such as login's to bank sites, paypal, ebay, rapidshare, ect. I could also do a peoplefinders.com or intelus search on the person and get a whole background check on a person using a stolen cc. So yes a real hacker could do this if they knew what the hell they were doing. All I am saying is that we should be thanking everyone of the staff members here on GC, because they are what makes GC run smoothly. These "wannabe" terrorists/retards need to fuck off.
  14. lol how did grass get banned

    I'm the only one left! At least I still have my books...
  15. he's not banned.. he has banned as his user title.. which will possibly get him banned if he doesn't change it :)

    and thanks y'all.. but there were a good 5 or so of us working on this, not just 1.

    we'll be ready for round 2 for sure!

  16. What a rip off. :(

    It would be funny if anytime someone tries to set their title to Banned, they actually get like a 1 week ban for it automatically.
  17. Hahaha, sorry if I gave any wrong impressions lol. I didnt know it was against the rules to used banned in my user title. I used to pull that gag on other forums and it tripped people up all the time...haha

  18. That's not hacking, that's just using some script kiddy tools. It's the difference between picking a lock and getting someone to give you their key. I never got into hacking but I know my way around the web and can do some social engineering to an extent. With Face Book it's too easy to find out really personal information about people online.

  19. it's cool man.. i was gonna shoot you a PM. thanks for changing it :)

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