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  1. Soil. 400hps. Ideal space.
  2. if you had 12 plants that were 5 months old and in good health yes a pound should be pretty easy. 4-8 weeks veg should produce about 1-4 oz's... more veg = more bud. use lst or scrog to maximize yields also and you will be happy.
  3. i have a friend that yields almost a pound a plant. You need led lights my friend he got a kessil 150w purple for his hydro setup and OMG when i saw it i was so jealous. im gonna be lucky to get a half p per plant with my soil setup. hydro is the way to go for yield
  4. I grow in soil with two 600w hps and get an average of 7oz per plant the more veging time you have the bigger the plant is going to be and the more roots means bigger buds and more uptake of nutes I top all my plants so they have at least 6 heads the best way is to try and try agian until you have it just the way you want it no one grows for the first time and has great plants it takes years to be a pro and get those kind of yeilds and I have found that soil will allways out grow hydro
  5. Soil outgrow hydro?..... Outside maybe. Otherwise, I call BS.
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    No problem! Under 1/plant is very doable if using 600w plus, however under a single 400, that's 1.13g/watt... So no I doubt it, especially in soil.
  7. My friend does indoor hydro. His setup ran him into the $10k area. He averages ALMOST a pound a plant. He has been doing this for years and his plants get perfect environment , great light, great nutes and a lot of love lol. Nit all are gonna yield that much but he usually has great results
  8. How big is that set up cause 1 pound per plant requires a shit ton of space?
  9. I will take quality over quantity any day. In my smoking experience and I experience a lot I visit the dispenseries every week and burn 3-5 different strains. The hydro lacks the great taste of the organic.
    That being said I've always been told the bigger the roots the bigger the fruits. It has to take a fairly good size plant to produce a pound using any method.....V
  10. LOL @ This thread..

    He is using a 400 watt HPS. Good luck yielding a pound from that.
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    I know I didn't want to say anything because I never say anything bad. But, either thus thread is full of rookies that don't know any better, or a shit ton of lies. Not everyone, but this thread stinks like shit so bad the mods stuck a carbon filter in it, and a ona 1 gallon bucket outside the door.
  12. If he SOGs it, with 12 plants, all females and appropriate veg time, I don't think 1.5oz per plant is unreasonable from a 400w.
  13. Mostly depends on watt per m2
  14. its not too hard to get 1oz per plant with sog.. if you can get them in a small area like 4x4 or 4x5 then sure a 400watt can produce a lb... you can get a lb from a single large plant with a few months of veg time and using lst/scrog.. how do you figure he cant get a lb from a sog grow with a single 400?
  15. The reason is the size of the grow. If its five months from seed to harvest that means approximately three months veg. In a grow that size you want an intial 100 watts of light plus 50 per plant. You are gonna want at least a 600 watt. And i spoke to someone at the hydro store a few days asking about how much light is good for 20 plants and he told me 4000 watts. You can still do the grow but without proper lights you probably wont get a full pound. I got 15 ounces from 12 plants, (6 in hydro under 600 watts, another 6 in soilless under a 400 watt) then again that was a three and a half month grow, 1.5 months veg.
  16. [quote name='"CHristopia66"']Soil outgrow hydro?..... Outside maybe. Otherwise, I call BS.

    Well I know what I can produce of my soil grow 7oz per plant so what can you get out of you hydro setup that if you even have one or mabey your BS
  17. Say only 8 make it to harvest with the risk of hermies from feminized seeds, with only 2 oz per plant that would still give you a pound. I think that's a perfectly reasonable expectation giving the amount of veg time.
  18. The lulz continues in this thread... Lol

  19. i completely agree 2.5 months of veg is a good amount of time to produce atleast 2oz per plant if in good health... im growing a single plant with quite a bit of veg time about 4-5months used lst and scrog. the plant has atleast 50 tops and im hoping for atleast 10oz's and that is only under a 150watt hps and 125watt 6400k cfl. the tops fill out about a 2ft x 2ft area and hps stays about 8-10" away.

    have you atleast grown before to expect 1lb? it makes a big difference.. good luck none the less :smoke:

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