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  1. Ok, as the grow season starts in my area i'm doing alot of planning to get the best bang for my buck - I've already dug my 2x2x2 and waiting on my White Widow x Big Bud seeds to arrive. What I plan on doing is filling my holes with nothing but Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. Now the spot I am growing in gets about 7-10 hours of direct sunlight a day.

    This won't be my first grow ( nor my last ;) ) My first grow when I was a complete noob was about 7-8 oz per plant on average, but that was with no amending the soil or even any nutrients.

    So back to the million dollar question is, think I will be able to achieve my goal of 16 oz per plant?
  2. Yeah bro it's not that hard to get a P per plant. Especially if you dig large, DEEP holes, and actually tend to your garden.
  3. Even with that amount of direct sunlight?
  4. Yeah, with no problem at all. Just think, your plants will produce even if they're in the shade 24-7. Let alone getting 7-10 hours of light a day.

    My buddy got 25-30lbs last season with 18 plants in the backyard. Pretty good run for his first time.
  5. Yeah thats pretty dope! If I was getting that much I'd be the happiest man in the world haha.
  6. [quote name='"D-Shiznit"']Yeah, with no problem at all. Just think, your plants will produce even if they're in the shade 24-7. Let alone getting 7-10 hours of light a day.

    My buddy got 25-30lbs last season with 18 plants in the backyard. Pretty good run for his first time.[/quote]

    Me two. Done plenty of indoor this was my first outdoor. I did 12 plants got 19 lbs. an that was with 6 in smaller pots an late season can't wait for this year. My girls have been vegging for like a months now almost 2 feet already. I am ready for sun shine
  7. Sounds nice Sgts, inform me when yours is done and let me know how it turned out!
  8. Sounds like a pretty good set up. I might go a tad bigger on the holes if you have the room. Was your last grow in a different location? And what nutes are you using? Let us know if you hit your bench mark.
  9. I will be using as I said FFOF for the soil and probably adding Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow for veg and Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom. They have treated me exceptionally well in my Bubble-buckets.

    And my last grow was in my back yard where it got sunlight all day - But for obvious reasons Its not safe to go balls out like that again.
  10. Assuming you don't have to worry about them being found, it shouldn't be a problem
  11. Yeah them being found will always be on my mind. I will be planting probably April 1'st and they don't harvest til around October 1st - So that's 6 months of uneasiness. Usually when I grow I like to be near my plants as much as possible. I am very new to guerilla growing.
  12. The key is finding a sunny spot (8 hours is a lot of sun for guerilla grows). If you can push your luck the more the better but it also means more visible. I estimated that a 1 pound plant requires about 8 hours of direct sunlight and a fair amount of soil (40 gallons). With 7 hours, I get 300 grams (10 oz). 10 hours will get you 1.5 pounds. An all day spot (12-14 hours ?) will get you a 2-2.5 pounder with minimal maintenance. With LST, topping, a lot of soil, you get much more but the common factor for big yields is always a sunny spot.
  13. I've seen guys pull 3+ lbs from the method i'm using, Each hole will have about 106 dollars in soil on top of me using my own nutes and topping/fimming. I'm hoping i'd get close to a lb per as I wouldn't have to grow for 2-3 more years Haha.
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPSHxdB55ys&feature=youtube_gdata_player]Jorge Cervantes: Medical Marijuana Outdoor Gardens Tour - 10lb.+ MEGA Plants!! - YouTube[/ame]
  15. No don't expect a pound per plant...the season hasn't even started yet. Maybe come July once you have some 4x4 foot plants then you can start to estimate yields. But why would you give yourself such a hard goal to achieve? Especially if it's your first grow, so much can go wrong your not expecting. Anyways good luck, next time do some more research into your strains, white widow is horrible outdoors and molds very easy. But maybe you live in a dry area...
  16. 106 dollars worth of soil in each whole means your getting 3+ lbs a plant how is this.
  17. That's probably the only thing I absolutely hate is trimming. I know it's a bonding experience with your bud and everything but it takes so long to hang/dry Lol.
  18. This isn't my first grow by any means, Just my first guerilla grow. I've grown 8-9 oz on average with no topping/fimming or even using nutrients for my very first grow outdoors. I am now pulling 5 oz indoors under a 400w - and honestly 1 lb isn't as hard as people make it seem.
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  19. It is if you have zero experience. Thought you said was your first grow bt guess u meant outdoors. But like I said, think about ordering another strain. White widow is very prone to mold. Plus...youll get tired of two strains really quickly.

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