1 point of molly is how much measurement wise?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by folgersinyour12, May 27, 2009.

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  1. I heard a person talking about points of molly. How much is a point of molly in measurement terms? Also this person said she took 4 points total. She did 2 points first and 2 points a few hours later, is that too much?

  2. Thats what i usually find an enjoyable dose. A point is 0.1 of a gram
  3. So that would be 400mg of mdma? I heard that the recommended does is around 125 to 175mg??

  4. Yeah, but its hard to OD on.
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    Yup, she'd be fucked up off of .4

    Of course if she smokes dope (Meth) regularly she may be able to take .4 and still be functionable.

    I remember I gave these two tweekers at my buddies house abound .15 each along with my buddy. My buddy was straight FUCKED UP off of the dose and the two tweekers claimed they didn't even feel it.

    Moral of the Story: Amphetamines can build up a quick tolerance.
  6. 400mg is a good dose.
  7. That is what I have read, that it is hard to OD on just molly. It all depends if you drink too much booze/water or not enough water right?. I've also read that there is a sweet point for an amount of points, how much difference is .2, .3, or .4 (with no other drug use whatsoever)?
  8. How much Molly does it take for an OD? Just curious.
  9. .15/.2 is the sweet point taking more is pointless, however when you start to come down you can boost it back with another .2, i wouldn't advise doing this a lot though.
  10. When i see molly around my area i usually buy .2 and snort it, then i'm rollin
  11. You say you wouldn't do a total of .4 in a night too often for what reason? Something happing during the roll, after side effects/health reason, tolerence?

  12. I guess I'm not the only one that does more than a tenth often 3-4 tenths at a time. Why the fuck is molly 100 a gram and 20 a cap if it takes so much to get fucked up on?
  13. I like .2, last time I tried .3 and that was quite nice as well tho and no throwing up.

  14. It's not good for you, it releases a shit ton of serotonin. Its not something you want to be doing a lot.
  15. one point = point one

  16. 200mg is plenty for the average user.
  17. this may not even make sense... or theres prolly some variables

    but what would one molly be equivillent to in regular e pills?
    Like I usually roll on two a night... One every 3.5 hours or so (Im sure your guys' tolerance is way higher than mine), so how many points or caps or whatever of mollys would do me right for a night?
  18. .4 is about what I do when I roll. Long story short no it is not good for you and at those doses you should only do that much once a month. I need a break myself, did around 1g this past weekend and it was a fucking blast.

  19. woahwoahwoah....

    i get that the chem structure has an amph in it butttt....

    tweakin often can make your mdma tolerance go up? i don'e understand how that could be....
  20. Mescaline and LSD show cross tolerance and they are completely different chemicals.
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