1 plants or 4 plants...more gains???

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    I will be growing some plants in a 3x3 gorilla grow tent. The light I will be using is a 800w solar storm LED light. 
    I want to grow at least 3 plants but how does it work in the marijuana growing world? Can I grow 1 plant to have as much bud on is as if I were to grow 3 or 4 plants?
    Which would be better?
    BTW these are going to be sativa strains using DWC hydroponics 5 gallon buckets

  2. More plants the more bud you are going to have, in a 3x3 4 plants would be just right. All depends on how long you are going to vegg them for to get a idea of the size you want.
  3. technically one plant in scrog would do better than 4 unless the 4 were bushed out a lot and there was no wasted light at the canopy..weight just comes down to how many bud sites are utilizing the most possible light and thats why a uniform canopy will produce more
  4. Scrog is another way you could go! ^^^^
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    yea if you do 4 look up 4 way lst...2 would give you more room...look up 4 way lst thats what i do now and they get pretty bushy just pulling them down to the edge of the 5 gallon..i just drill a hole on the lip part and tie them to that..he does it close to the soil in the tutorial but i let them get a bit taller and trim the bottom branches so theres just 4 main branches
  6. More plants yields more vs time frame. Sea of Green.
    A 3 X 3 tent I would start 18 solo cups and grow them till they are sexed and jam whats female into 9 pots and let it ride.
  7. yea sog it good too...pretty much anything that keeps you from having wasted space where the light hits the floor
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    Well I would be getting feminized seeds so I wouldn't have to go through all that trouble. The top 5 strains I'm looking to grow are : girl scout cookies, amnesia haze, super silver sour diesel haze, terperella and blue dream haze. 
    With the 800w LED being more than excellent for the 3x3 and growing with advanced nutrients in DWC 5 gallons ( hoping to get temp, humidity, co2 in check ) I'm HOPING to get over a pound per grow. My sativa strains of choice are mostly high yield with about 9 weeks flower time.
    I LST'd my last plants but don't know anything about scrog or sog. I would have to research more into that. But what I'm getting here basically is that if I scrog or sog 1 or 2 plants, I'd be getting the same amount as if I grew 3 or 4 plants normally? 
    * I am keeping the plants in the same tent for veg and flower
  9. It#s nothing to do with plants, it's all about light 1000w will yield an average of a pound if done correctly whether it be on 1 plant or 4, upping the light and upping the amount of plant will get you more yield.
    With that wattage i'd do 2 or 1 and LSTSOG

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