1 Plant Under 400W Hps (Pics)

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  1. I recently had 3 plants but due to certain things im down to ONE PLANT.
    400w hps 5x5x6 room
    Bout 1 month/1 week from seed

    Am i ok to bloom in a week or so?
    Is 400w on one plant really worth risking male/female?

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  2. Waruppp dude
    You should check out my grow below.
    You´re saying one 400 w HPS is too much for one plant? haha then im a fucking clown cause Im using 1 x 250 watt HPS, 1 x 250 watt MH, plus two 80 w 2100 K CFLs. I vegged my bubba for 10-11 weeks (soil plus slow vegg genetics) and now Im seeing results pay off. I say go for it, if that thing turns out to be a female, then all effort was worh it. If it turns out to be a male, just consider it a learning experience haha. 
  3. Get that light closer maybe a foot or so away and up ur nutes n ur good to go.

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  4. Thanks guys, but your right jah if it is female hen by all means ill be trying again;)

    Im gonna trim a fan leaf or two for more light passage....smart idea??
  5. You should see preflowers soon, within the next week I think. I'd top her and veg for another month, it's a bit small for 5 weeks. Let her beast out under that 400w (if it's a her, lol)
    Cheers!! :bongin:
  6. 1 plant under 400w, if you treat her right you should have a big beauty on your hands.
  7. Im lookin for at least 2oz dry, very achievable but risky...gonna run fem seeds after my starburst run comin up(might just keep the mothers from the best phenos) but yeah then run maybe dinafem blue hash??? sounds interesting lol

    But thanks for the feedback everyone:)
  8. I don't see a reason you wouldn't be able to pull 2 oz dry off one plant under a 400w. Provided everything else is good of course.
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    only thing i dont have down yet would be air quality...
    Im recycling air with just two osculating fans
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    You could always leave your box open for now for fresh air but you need an exhaust and passive intake asap.

  11. If it cant happen before the end of this flowering cycle, itll deffinetly be there for my next run of phenos :)
  12. getting the intake and exhaust that is lol, my room is like a dungeon in a basement i need external fresh air asap but no money for ducting...
  13. UPDATE:

    Its goin into flowering! Not sure if I should go 24 hrs dark for the first day? or stick with the 12/12 thats done good for everyone else..


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