1 plant in tent started showing possible nanners

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  1. So I'm starting week 4 in flower. I was doing a little under canopy cleanup and seen what appears to be questionable junk growing on one of my girls. These plants were grown from seeds produced from a hermied plant . The mom was the only 1 of 6 females grown from seed that went hermie.
    This grow, of the 8 seeds I popped ,this is the only one that took forever to show any sex. But week in flower it showed female. I have been keeping a close eye and didnt see anything til today.
    I dont see any pollen sacks or balls. But in a few bud sights i was seeing what looked to be early stages of nanners. When i tried to look closer,they just kinda fall off when the branch is being moved.
    I immediately moved this plant outside. I will watch this plant while it's outside to see if any more of these form or open to release pollen.
    So my question is this:
    They have been on 12/12 for 25 days. Currently sunrise here is at 6:50 am and sunset around 7:45 pm. What will that extra time over the next couple weeks do to the plant that is now well into flower?
    I do have it on the west side of my home ,in partial shade.
    Just curious if it will revert to veg or keep finishing out the flower cycle.
  2. Here are the suspect parts 20190827_171232.jpg 20190827_171534.jpg 20190827_170816.jpg
  3. Yep that's a Hermie those are pollen sacs dude. They probably already have pollen in them I hope they didn't pollinate your indoor garden but you should be good if none opened. I would highly suggest wiping down all the walls of your tent with bleach and water if possible to neutralize any pollen that may be hanging around.

    Technically a Hermie (like that) is a plant that has pistils AND ball sacks. It's not going to revert to veg (unless the days are short already where you are) but it probably will pollinate itself and give you seedy buds. Definitely avoid popping hermie prone genetics...

    Nanners on the other hand are the long yellow guys that grow from the middle of buds. From what I understand, true hermies are usually from bad genetics, and nanners are usual from stress

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  4. Thats what I was thinking.
    I dont see anything on the other 3 in the tent.
    The suspect plant didn't show pistols til way later than the others. It also didnt have pistols or balls on many of the other pre flower sites.
    I dont think any of the male flowers opened,knock on wood. I will lightly mist my plants for a couple days to neutralize any pollen if any blew around.

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