1 plant has just paused growth

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  1. Hey guys I have noticed my second oldest of my plants (only a day or 2 difference from my big plant) about a month old has just paused it’s growth. [​IMG]

    I’m using a basic indoor closet grow set up 2 70 bulb light boards on a 60w LED driver. General potting mix and fertiliser.

    Any ideas as to why 1 just paused. I reported my big boy yesterday as he was in a smaller pot that the one that has stopped growth.


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  2. Needs a bigger pot i think
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  3. Do you have any perlite for the soil?
  4. I don’t think it’s due to pot size because that bigger one in the orange pot was in a smaller pot than paused one up until yesterday and that out grew the paused one about a week ago

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  5. I’m going to grab some perlite tomorrow and repot it and see if that makes a difference

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  6. What’s your ph? How often are you watering?
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  7. Might be worth pulling the pot off, to see the roots. Only takes a min to do. Then you'd know if it needs more space.
  8. Yeah man I did have a look and I repotted this afternoon. I remembered once I took the pot off that that one was quite stretchy early on so I must have filled in the pot to give more support so that’s why the one in the smaller pot originally out grew the paused one.

    I water every 2 days and I need to get some ph strips to check my run off.

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  9. You should ph your water going IN. Too low or too high ph will cause slowed growth. There big enough and in good sized pots to water the whole medium until runoff. Then wait until they dry out a bit.
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  10. Should be sitting around 4 on the ph scale right?

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  11. Noooooo soil should be 6.5

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  12. 3B21E1B9-C4E3-4D95-BCEA-E121D7F9FF9F.png
    I’m not sure if you’re kidding or not. But ideal ph for what we grow here is 6.5. But as long as you’re between 6.5 and 7 you’d be fine. Here’s a chart to show what nutrients and ph. Hope this helps.
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  13. Thanks man!!

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  14. What soil are you using?

    Has nothing to do with your pots. I buy clones twice that size in small pots like that.
  15. Looks root bound and needa a bigger pot. I use 2 gallon minimun.

    Could be a runt too, I had 2 GG autos and the runt ended up being the YUGEEE yielder.
  16. I have been PHing at 6.5, looks like 7.0 is better.
  17. 7.0 isn’t better though. Most quality soils will contain ingredients that buffer the ph for you on their own meaning ph’ing the water is 100% unnecessary and will cause more problems.
  18. But why go in blind and depend on the medium to ph your water? Buffers only do so much. I’d rather take the extra 2 minutes to ph and adjust. Than to wind up with possible Deficiencies. The OP stated he was using general potting soil. Doubt it has any dolomite etc to buffer. But I could be wrong.
  19. In soil I usually ph to 6.8. Just my preference of course. I’ll also do a feed in the low 6s(6.0-6.3) every once in a while to allow better uptake of micro nutrients. Iron, boron etc. again just a preference.
  20. Because that’s what any good soil does? Buffers only do so much? No... they do exactly what they’re supposed to which is why they’re added.

    Example: Ocean forest has to be the most commonly used soil.. 100% unnecessary to ph your feed/water. I use nectar of the gods #4 and again.. 100% unnecessary to ph. If your soil has dolomite or crushed oyster shell in it you’re just wasting your time with ph’ing. If you’re getting deficiencies using a quality soil you’re the problem. Not the soil.
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