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  1. Strated small grow 300w Led and pc fan and random soil
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  5. Nice! Keep us updated

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  6. dang those lights look close man
    I own 2x Meizhi 450s and Meizhi sent this:
    Advised light above plants for seeding,growth and flowering time:
    Germination-------------24-30 inches
    Vegetable -- --------18-24 inches
    Flower------12-18 inches
    Advised Lighting Time:
    Vegetative Stage: 18-20 hours on,4-6hours off; Flowering Stage: 12 hours on,12hours off. Veg: 18/6 or 20/4; Flower: 12/12
    our new series lights have both growth and bloom switches.
    On growth stage, keep the growth switch on.
    On flowering stage, keep both veg & bloom switches on.
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  8. That planr died off but if you can see in the picture there was a baby plant and that grew in the same bucket
  9. So

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