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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sd_dscheese, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. hey there to anyone who reads this, and thanks to those who respond.
    I recently had to throw out all my plants but 1. because she's a female. So I have 1 plant under a 400 watt HPS for 18/6. I am wondering if its worth using all that power on 1 plant? if so, how can i maximise the growth, and what height should i let it go to before i 12/12 her?(shes at about 10-12inches)
  2. are you using LST? is this bag seed or special order seeds? i ask because if you know you are growing an indica plant, it will be shorter in height than a sativa. using LST will let the sidebranches develop more, giving it a bush-like appearance and maxamizing yield. i dont know where youre located, but i know here where im at, good headie weed is like $300+ per ounce, so even if you only get three ounces off your one plant, you could be saving yourself $900 by continuing...
  3. I'd say use that 400 watt HPS for sure dude.. I am growing one plant at the moment too and i plan to switch to my 400 watt hps as soon as possible. With only one plant growing under 400 watts it will make the yield of that one plant so much better and in the end you will be very happy ur using that HPS light :) just my thoughts.. others may think differently.
  4. As Long as you can control the temperature, better light means a stronger/healthier/better marijuana plant.
  5. ok just read the vocab/slang terms for LST , sitll confused as to how i expose other parts of the plant to ligth... or how do i give the plant hormones??? any help is greatly appreciated. and THANKS to those who have responded :)
  6. ill tell you what i found out by accident,,,i too have a 400 hps,,,,i started all my plants from seed under ,,,c.f.l.s i had them under there for a good 35 days,,,they grew about7'' in that time,,,,,now,,,i found some little sprouts that grew wild out in the yard,,from seeds threw off the porch during a rolling,,,i carefully dug the little buggers up put them in a 4''pot with some real good drainige soil mix i made,,,and a little juice of blood meal,,,,what im saying is that in 2 wks ,,,they have went from being a little piss ant weed,,,,to really getting a nice stem and the nodes are coming out extremely compacted,,,,its not too late too start some more stuff to put with that one plant,,,that hps,,,i got a m.h. conversion bulb in mine right now but im sold on it,,,inside growing is something ive rolled around in my head,,now that im all set up i could kick myself in the ass for waiting 7 months to make my own bud,,,,i dont think ill grow outside again for a while to come,,,,:bolt:

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