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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Steph420_420, May 27, 2019.

  1. Hey guys. Want to have a small grow for medical reasons. I want to do like an ACDC auto and it's a non legal country.

    I plan on it being in the shed nice and hidden away.

    I was wondering, would I still need a carbon filter?
  2. Yes if you have neighbors close by they're definitely going to smell it some strains are more stinkier than others I don't really know a whole lot of them that don't stink as I always look for stinkier pungent strains but I do know Northern Lights is one of the strains that has a lower smell but yes you want to seal it off and have a intake fan and exhaust fan with carbon filter also a small fan inside the kind of blow directly at the plants really gently air flow is crucial and it also strengthens the stems just don't have too much air blowing on them they could get windburn
  3. I imagine there will, likely, be light leakage to deal with.
  4. I always set my timer to where its on when its light out and keep em off when dark as much as i can with a 18.6 cycle. 12 12 is easier to do. Your prolly talking bout light leaking in during dark cycle tho not bout stealth while lights on
  5. Well, then there are times...
  6. can you do me a favor and can you do me a favor and go over to my thread I just created in growing indoors it's about plants drooping when the lights go out read it and let me know what you think be going on accidentally posted in stash box the first time but now I've got it posted in the right one is it possible to delete thread?
  7. Thanks. I was thinking 1 plant might not smell as much. But I'll look into a fan. I was gonna built a wee cupboard and seal it all with silicone and box in any exhaust systems as I keep reptiles so thinking it will just be disguised as something related to them.
  8. I did read that post earlier; I cannot advise because I know nothing of your technology.
    I have SO MUCH to learn.

  9. This was meant for the original reply lol.
  10. I start I start my seedlings in a kitchen cabinet I kept one just for that purpose when we got new cabinets it's like an all-in-one unit CFLs built into it intake and exhaust fans lined with aluminum foil works very well for seedlings they love the little compact fluorescents when they're really little
  11. don't know much about high intensity discharge lights? Or do you mean you just need more information for me about my setup?
  12. Lights.
    I use T5s... or sunlight, now... and no 'setup'.
  13. If you’re running autos light leaks won’t be an issue....

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  14. My shed is full of full spectrum lighting anyway, not too fussed as it's always illuminated :) just need to keep it hidden away enough that no one would even notice unless they were hunting.

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