1-percent members? where's my free bong man!!!??

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. any of you guys here members at 1-percent? I was just wondering cause I could use a free bong now!!!! They dont ever update the member rewards!!! well..lol, if you dont know about it, check it out the place is pretty neat. and hopefully they'll get some good free stuff for us stoners soon!!

    ed: its way to early in the mornnnnnin. ugh
  2. yeah I think a lot of grasscity members are already signed up for 1%...although like many of us current members later found out, its a big fucking scam that rips you off...I finally got enough points for the nickel hand pipe and they tried to charge me almost 20 bucks for shipping and handeling, processing bullshit etc. then they said it would take up to 8 weeks or more and Ive heard many people who went for it never recieved their shipment...or a refund of their tokes....its all bullshit..besides, the local headshop sells the exact same acrylic 6' bong for $30...id much rather do it that way then pay the outrageous amounts of fees required to send a 6foot long box in the mail...
  3. yeah i never signed up figuring it was a scam somehow or another, and now i don't think i'm every going to. I really don't need bowls and bongs sent to my place while i still live with my parents anyhow, my moms a bitch.

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