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  1. Alright so I've been using GH 3 part Floraseries with CalMag and SI now for a long time. its the first thing I started using like 8 years ago when I started learning how to grow hydro with basil and lettuce.

    so I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty fed up with mixing the flora 3 part, the cal mag, the SI, the PH UP& DWN, there up to 7 things to mix. I don't MIND doing it, but I was just thinking I know there are some one and two part nutrients.

    I know I'll still have to add CalMag and PH the water but the whole 3 part thing is getting kind of old.

    does anyone have a recommendation on something they have used successfully/have experience with?

    I've been looking at

    GH Flora nova
    GH flora Duo
    Advanced Nutrients

    thanks everyone.
  2. You can just use the FloraNova Bloom, or the MaxiBloom - no grow needed. I've grown with both and had great success but personally I prefer the MaxiBloom from start to finish. :)
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  3. how the shit have I never seen/heard of this stuff before
  4. this stuff works in hydro?
  5. I have used the Maxi when I ran waterfarms without an issue.
  6. Damn Mick!!!

    K I'm gonna research this stuff. thanks brother
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  7. A 2.2lb. bag costs about $16 where I live and lasts an entire grow with 4 plants. My only supplements are SM90 and Silica Blast.
  8. I can't believe I've never heard or seen of this. I'm legit over here just like :blink:... this would make shit like literally 5 times easier.

    going to research it over the weekend but I'm about 99% sure I'm ordering both maxigro and maxi bloom on Monday. $51 for 2.2lbs of each:thankyou:
  9. You don't need MaxiGrow - MaxiBloom only from start to finish.
  10. really. the maxi bloom is good for veg?

    I've heard of a lot of people doing stuff like this. one of my friends grows with the flora trio and doesn't use the floragro part.
  11. I use Greenleaf Megacrop version 1, a 1-part solid fertilizer.
    There is a newer version 2 that apparently has more CalMag in it.
    Greenleaf claims that nothing else whatsoever is needed (other than pH up/dn).
    I believe them, and that's what I do, except that with version 1, I am adding a small amount of CalMag.
    When I buy more, which will be version 2, I won't use any CalMag.
    It's much cheaper than GH too.

    Dosing is easy.
    I set a small jar full of fertilizer on a small scale, and the scale reads what is removed.

    JR Peters might have an even cheaper solid nute line.
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  12. It's called the Lucas Formula. MaxiBloom has plenty of nitrogen for a vegging plant. This plant is 4.5 weeks from sprout and fed every day with MaxiBloom.
    4.5 weeks.JPG
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  13. well you pretty much got me sold on it. haha

    I gotta do a bit of research on "the Lucas formula" just for my own piece of mind.

    thanks so much man!!! this should save me a lot of time and money.
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  14. JR Peters you say...I have grown full harvests using Jack's Citrus. 1.5 lb tub lasted 2 (at 1/2 tsp. pg every water). Generally produced about 1 lb under a 600W HID.

    For the last couple years I have used 2 JR Peters products. Jack's Peat Lite (20-10-20) and Jack's Aquagold Finisher (7-15-30) for Veg and Flower respectively.

    I bought 25# bags of both for about $35 each including shipping. I will get 66, lb+ harvests out of that purchase... or in other words, I spend about $1.25 per lb produced on nutes.

    A bit cheaper than AN. LOL.

    While I have done the above straight with nice results also...I have been know to mix it up a bit.
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  15. Okay, so this page seems to sum up the lucas forumla pretty well.

    Hydroponics using Lucas Formula

    it specifically mentions Maxibloom, and says it would need to be mixed 7grams to 1Galon of water to have similar results to the Maxigro. is this what you follow or do you just go with the package instructions.

    actually that was my next question, when I mix my nutrients with the 3part i have to cut everything to 1/4 or 1/3 strength, is this necessary with the maxi?

    thanks again
  16. Thanks everyone! :gc_rocks:
  17. I'm starting to conclude the same bro. I tell most nubes to hit up yur kiss thread. I wish I could use it in hydro and will revisit it I think. Maybe train em from the start to drink it... maybe I just had bad luck last time.
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  18. have you tried Maxigro/bloom in hydro @trojangrower ??
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  19. 7 grams equals 1 tsp. I start with 1/4 strength (1/4 tsp) and increase as necessary. I rarely have to use full strength - most plants do fine at 1/2 tsp per gallon.
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  20. I tried a couple months ago, but it wasn't trained right and seemed like it was getting lock out. It wasn't a fair trial and I was testing other nutes, realized I was risking an entire grow ... so kinda said forget it.
    But... atm, I am testing a bunch of methods and have tested Mick's for my own. I consider Mick's methods as the gold standard... sure add some KoolBloom in the end too.
    Imma start some seeds again here soon, no weirdo plants this time... and try it again since I really do like MB.
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