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1 oz...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by austintm1991, May 28, 2008.

  1. how much are you guys usually payin for 1 oz of some mids. Any pictures to reference to 1 oz seeing as i dont have a scale so i have to judge it by eye when I pick it up. Thanks
  2. Ounce of mids is normally around 80-120. Quality can range a lot.
  3. oz should be 4 fingers if its in a sandwich baggie... 2 fingers for half... holding ur pinky at the bottom of the bag. thumb in front...
  4. tell ya the truth i cant comprehend your fingers explanation. i cant picture it in my head. but hey thanks for tryin haha
  5. Around here it can run about $400-450 on dro. On the other hand, you can get some fluffy green shwag for like $35-40, so it can be a tough choice.

    edit: finger thing: the width of volume of weed should be the width of your fingers.
  6. i pay anywhere from 350-560 an o depending on quality.
    350 for decent dro
    560 for grand daddy purp
  7. ^ u payin way to much homie....

    and a oz of mid around here is 100... can be 120 if its really good and the dealer is stingy.
  8. oz of mids 90-120. headies 350-450
  9. 120-150 the one 50s like upper mids real good indicas Ive had the same strain for 2 months cause of the price/high its great.
  10. just remember everyone has different prices in different regions of the US

    an oz of flame regs/mids is about 60-100

    and 350-400 for dro/dank
  11. ounce of mids 125
  12. I can get a p a mids for 400-500.
  13. 120 -150 in Ga.

    Very good mids.

  14. 80 for a zone of decent mids.
  15. 65-75

    it gets hard trying to eye mids cuz its sometimes so condensed or something
  16. some people have really good mids prices. around me a 1/4 of mids can run you 40$ easy and there aren't great price breaks when you get more.
  17. wow

    i pay liek 100 for an oz of mids
  18. FUCK guys round here in new hampshire - $200 - $250 ounce of mids. shiit you have it cheap as hell
  19. I'm not sure about mids, probably around $80-$100 for an ounce. Where I live there don't seem to be alot of mids so I haven't really been aware of the prices for a while, but I know that I can get an ounce of dank shit for $250-$280 so I'm happy.

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